13 Things You Should Never Tolerate In Life

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Today, we talk about 13 things you should never tolerate in life! Now, there are a lot of things that can get in the way of your happiness. You might have bad habits that you want to break, or you might need to improve your self confidence. And those are all great goals! But sometimes the most important thing you can do is just learn how not to tolerate some behaviors.

We know that we can’t change people, but we can change ourselves, so we want to focus on the behaviors that will help us stay happy and healthy. This includes certain things you should never tolerate in life in yourself or from others.


10 Behaviours You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship:

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7 Types Of People You Cannot Help:

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8 Signs Your Negativity Is Ruining Your Life:

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  1. You seem to have described me to a T, I enjoy finding fossils on the beach especially footprint fossils it’s just a way to kill time away from other people and allows me to think about the past and how little we actually know yetthe problem is the more I think about evolution the more I believe it is a religion that I do not choose

  2. I've got the list down to three, thanks to John Wayne.
    “I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." – J.B Books in The Shootist

  3. while this is a list of things not to tolerate in others, its also a list of what not to do yourself. I have to say I felt some of these I may be guilty of… but hey, I'm not perfect. We are not bad, not good, somewhere in the middle. You should never tolerate thinking you cant change.

  4. Good tips… Unfortunately, too many people/ individuals with their freaking phones and laptops look like idiots illustrating this good advice. Repetitive stereotypes. And the always redundant American way of emphasizing fun as the primary purpose. I assume the director and producer must be millennials, my dear Watson. In America- learning and everything else has to be fun. And you must understand life is not pink. This is a good decent piece of information. There is no wisdom in it, as some people indicate. Not too much of a fine Brainy Dose, I am afraid (or my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who do not see beyond).

  5. Yea my father in law recently decided he wanted to criticize and belittle me in front of my wife. Best believe I shut that negative ass mouth of his real quick! Lmao.

  6. Use your third eye (gut feeling) if it's not right about someone, then chances are it is very very right.

    Use this skill to filter out people

  7. I try never to open my mouth and say anything stupid. I don't disrespect anyone nor will I be by anyone.If that is clear life is good.

  8. Dishonesty is one of the most Desteuctive forces in our society…. Repeat this over and over again people. Dishonesty is like a filthy pathogen that soon effects every area of liars world. In no arena can a dishonest person be trusted. My gran used to say.. If u are liar u are prob a thief. They will also cheat, deceive, scheme…. Nothing a dishonest person gives u is worth a damn… Not their love, attention… Nothing
    Dishonesty is pure destruction.

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