15 Health & Diet Myths DEBUNKED

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“Eat after 6:00pm and you will gain weight” Myth or Fact? “Sugar Makes Kids Hyper.” Myth or Fact? “Cranberry Juice Cures UTIs”, Myth or Fact? “Eating Raw Eggs is Healthier than Eating them Cooked.” Myth or Fact? This week, I debunk 15 of the most common health and nutrition/diet myths following science. This will help you be informed and not fall into trends that have no scientific evidence, and probably help you save some money too.

0:00 Intro
0:39 Myth Debunking
0:45 Eating After 6:00PM
1:09 Vit C & Colds
1:30 Soy & Men’s Breasts
1:58 Cold Weather
2:35 B Vitamins & Energy
3:42 Cranberry & UTIs
4:05 Protein
4:33 Sobering
5:02 Fattening Carbs
5:35 Detox Diets
6:14 Sugar & Kids
6:45 Supplements 4 Health
7:07 Knuckle Cracking
7:52 Gluten
8:14 Raw or Cooked Eggs

Sources Utilized:
1 ) Eating after 6:00pm makes you gain weight:

2) Vitamin C supplements prevent colds.’ll%20catch%20a,the%20major%20cause%20of%20colds,

3) Eating soy gives men breasts.

4) Cold weather makes us catch a cold.

5) B Vitamins give us energy Myth:

6) Cranberry Juice can cure UTIs.

7) Protein Myth:,

8) Sobering After Alcohol Myth:

9) Carbohydrates Fattening Myth:

10) Detox Diets Myth:

11) Sugar & Kids Hyperactivity Myth:,without%20proving%20sugar%20causes%20hyperactivity.

12) Cracking Fingers Myth:

13) Gluten Bad for You Myth:,and%20minerals%20to%20your%20diet.

14) Eating eggs raw better for your protein intake myth:

15) You need vitamin supplements to be healthy myth:,,

This information is not intended to treat, or cure any disease/illness. It is not meant to substitute any suggestion or treatment from your doctor or medical professional.


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Very informative. Good information and solid performance. Well done. Leaves me wanting more. I did subscribe.

  2. The " eating after 6:00 p.m." thing is actually supported by many studies. JCEM published a study last year showing that eating late in the evening reduces fat burning by 10%, all other factors being equal. There's several rat studies that have also supported this. When you eat is relevant because your hormones fluctuate throughout the day and they can determine how your body reacts to food.

  3. Nutrition is a fascinating subject. I am always running into people that say things about nutrition that I know are not true. So important to get the facts. I especially like the "a calorie is a calorie comment". I have the worst time convincing people of that one. I have kept my weight down since I was a teenager by counting calories. I am an artist and I share my painting demos and studio tours here. So much variety on Youtube. Have a great day!

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