5 Best Foods for Eye Health and Vision

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Dr. Allen shares his 5 best foods for eye health! Want to know what to eat to improve eyesight naturally? Consider these eye healthy foods! Learn more eye health tips here:

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I am a strong believer that the food we eat can very much be a form of medicine as many of the medications we have are often derived from naturally growing plants. Foods that are good for the eyes are largely fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide much of the antioxidants and minerals to help combat the high metabolic and oxidative demand of the retina and the ocular structures.

For example, sweet potatoes and carrots are often regarded as the best foods for eyes because they have a large amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is excellent for helping with night vision and can even play a role in dry eyes.

Green leafy vegetables also contain high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are caratonoids that play a vital role in the health of the macula, the central part of the retina which provides the sharp reading ability of eyesight as well as color perception. Lutein and Zeazanthin also play a role as natural blue light blockers and help with oxidative stress and inflammation which may occur within the retina.

Omega 3 fatty acids have also been shown to play a positive role in a diet for healthy eyes. Diets rich in omega 3s have been linked to improvements in dry eye, diebetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

More info on Omega 3 fatty acids (coming soon)

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About This Video:
In this video, Dr. Joseph J. Allen, OD, FAAO, Diplo ABO from Doctor Eye Health reviews his 5 best foods for eye health and vision! If you are wondering what food is good for the eyes or what to eat to improve eyesight naturally, then this video is for you. A diet for healthy eyes is also a diet good for the heart. This means many green leafy vegetables but also fruits that are good for eyes. The best food for eyesight is debatable, but many eye health professionals would likely mention foods rich in vitamin A (such as carrots or sweet potato) or green leafy vegetables (such as kale or spinach).

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  2. Thanks for sharing this info. Is there specific foods/vitamins to help with eye veins?
    I have a problem with a clogged vein in my one eye which causes it to bulge out. I had a procedure done in which the doctor took the blood out. It's much better now but still looks a little bigger.

  3. Lemon is super beneficial for eyes, I don’t hear much about them. One of the best fruits overall. Also a anti inflammatory

  4. For the food mentioned in the video, does it matter how it’s cooked or made? For example if you make a white bean and kale salad, would the kale still have the same effect?

  5. Sir, suppose a normal healthy person with a perfectly healthy eye, kept in a dark room and closes his eye, is given an injection of photons, so basically if these photons convert 11 cis retinal of rods to all trans retinal, what image will he be able to see? U may think what kind of a idiotic question is it… But was just curious…

  6. Is it normal to have circular eye floaters and I’m only a teen. Could it be something serious or is it pretty normal?

  7. Love your videos find them so helpful 😍 my eyes feel so much better since adding most of these foods to my diet although do need to eat more leafy green veg did read tho that blending takes sum of the nutrition out? And best to eat as they are? But really pleased that sweet potato is good one to very tasty will also add that to my diet 😋

  8. I'm 35yrs old & just recently got glasses for far away & driving at night. I probably needed them years ago! I'm so glad I found your channel, because I am terrified of loosing my sight. My Father has Macular Degeneration & can only see a small amount out of one eye.

  9. Dr.. may i ask you about my eyes
    I have deference between my eyes
    So the dr i have visited last time yesterday said that my right eye is 3
    And my left eye is 7
    What can i do to deal with it shall i make the glasses no proem or there is a problem

  10. I have a question, I often feel dry eye when I use my kindle, do you know if a glass protector can be better for dry eye? In general a video about dry eye using electronic devises and solution will be great. Ps great video 🥰🤗

  11. Hello Doctor one question: when i wake up in the morning i see my blood vessels from the eyes when i look at the wall? It doesn’t last long and goes away in a few minutes but i have visual snow syndrome and was wondering could that be the cause

  12. For those who hate the kale suggestion, try homegrown or farmer's market kale. It's totally different. Not bitter at all. More like collards or chard. Red Russian is my favorite.

    I found this out after ACCIDENTALLY planting it with my mixed mesculun lettuce. It was the hardiest, and best tasting green from that packet. I didn't even know it was kale until after growing it for several years.

  13. I started wearing low prescription almost with a difference of -1 dioptre glasses in my eye for almost 1 year because my glasses broke in lockdown. After that I went to doctor to check my prescription started wearing the glasses prescribed by doctor for almost 9 months still I am unable to adjust to the glasses. Why is this happening

  14. Guys help .. i wear contacts for the first time about 3 days from now and i just realised i need astigmatism for one eye .. i had alot of difficulties getting one lens from my eye and i guess i hurt my eye .. its been 3 days now and my eyes isnt red or sensitive to light but i feel that my eye hurt me and some headaches near the eyes … just like eye strain symptoms but it wont go its the 3rd day 😭 any help please im so worried about infections and got blind 😭😭😭💔

  15. Can I ask what could be the cause of my large eye floaters, lots of specs and long curtain like ones on both eyes… I got a few eye tests done and they can't see anything off. Any ideas? I must admit i didn't get an eye test soon enough as they started back in February, I got first eye test in April. I know it was stupid, could something be dislodged and not been picked up on the eye test? My left eye is gone blurry too. Thanks in advance

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  17. Day 2

    Hey Doctor Allen, Hope you are doing well,

    Can you please make a video on Purkinje tree phenomenon

    Btw thank you for the video..
    Have a nice day…..

  18. Hi Dr Allen, I was wondering if you got the chance yet to read my email regarding an eye related issue. I would appreciate your advice on this. I could resend the email if it helps. Again apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you very much

  19. Any new bromelain anti-floater studies? Also how are eyestrain pains described? I have a pain in my head that might be trigeminal nerve related, but neurologist has no diagnosis for.

  20. Thanks so much for this list of foods that are good for the eyes. I’m happy to say that each is already part of my daily, weekly, monthly food intake. I was surprised to hear that sweet potatoes were more beneficial than carrots because carrots are my ultimate favorite vegetable. 🥕🥕🥕

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