5 factors that affect the cost of menopause awareness training.

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5 factors that affect the cost of menopause awareness training.

As the person in your workplace responsible for menopause awareness, are you confused as to how much menopause awareness training could cost?

How much could I be looking to pay to provide menopause education training? What type of prices am I looking at for menopause awareness training? Will my budget cover menopause awareness training?
Is an online course cheaper than a workshop?
What is the cost of menopause awareness training for the workplace?

The price and costs will vary for menopause awareness training because of a variety of factors.

Training can cost you from £70 to over £3,000.

Why the vast difference?
Those prices take into account a variety of variables and factors

In this video let’s look at 5 factors and how they affect the price and cost you pay for your menopause awareness training.

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Hi my name is Tracey Tait and a big warm welcome to my YouTube channel. The videos on this channel are aimed at helping managers, leaders and HR professionals learn how to talk about menopause without saying or doing the wrong thing.

The videos are based around the skills, the law and workplace adjustments managers may need when implementing their menopause friendly workplace culture.

☕ I will help you talk about menopause in the workplace.

☕ 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 Tracey I’ve created an online course that includes everything you need to know about how to have conversations around menopause in the workplace. This includes everything from menopause and the law, the impact of menopause on your colleague and the work place, how to have a conversation about menopause to understanding what adjustments can be made to support your colleagues during menopause. If you need help with training in your workplace, you can drop me an email and I’ll get back to you. Menopause Training Company Email: [email protected]

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  1. I'm so glad menopause awareness training is becoming more prevalent in the workplace today. It's such a huge issue hat is just brushed over because people are too awkward to talk about it which to me is baffling! Thankyou for sharing such great information and providing this service.

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