5 HEAT Stroke Risk Factors & How to Stay COOL

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Heat waves will continue to get worse as climate change continues on, but it’s still possible to stay safe from hotter temperatures. In this video I discuss 5 major risk factors for heat-related illnesses like heat stroke and heat exhaustion, and how to prevent them!

Stay cool everyone! ❄️

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0:00 Intro
01:19 The FIRST Risk Factor for Heat Stroke
02:28 The SECOND Risk Factor for Heat Stroke
04:06 Why FANS DON’T ALWAYS Work
04:40 The THIRD Risk Factor for Heat Stroke
05:35 The FOURTH Risk Factor for Heat Stroke
06:16 Some Medications That Might Raise Heat Risk
06:45 Questions about Heat to Ask a Healthcare Provider
07:10 The FIFTH Risk Factor for Heat Stroke (the HIGHEST risk)


Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

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