5 Reasons the U.S. is a Top Choice for Medical School

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Medical education in the U.S. has been facing a great deal of criticism over the past few years. Issues like burnout, depression, work-life balance, and the rising cost of medical school have been hot topics in the media. But with all of this focus on the negatives, we often don’t hear about the other side of the argument. Here are 5 reasons why the U.S. medical education system is great.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Length of Training
02:14 – Rigors of Medical School
03:29 – Medical School Curriculum
05:12 – Research
06:01 – Quality of Instructors

How to Manage Stress as a Student:
How USMLE Step 1 Pass/Fail is Changing Medical School:
Day in the Life – Medical Student (MS2) [Ep. 8]:

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  1. Well, most people look down on Brazil and see it as a "Soccer, carnaval and caipirinha country", but liitle they know it has 111 high qualified public universities, in every subject of studies, and medical science is no different. I would say medicine degree here is very close to what is talked on the video, not the exact the same because of the prerequisite to get into medical school, but people here study around 2 to 5 years of preparation courses to get into it because there is a huge competition in the exams. Then 6 years plus 3-6 of residency, plus 1-2 fellowship gives it the same in US; and not to say a considerate ammount of doctos spend 1 year in master courses and others 4 more years in a PhD, because it is a prerequisite to become professor in public university and conduct research here.
    I had an engineering and neuroscience degree before going into medical school, so I understand the advantages of being exposed to "life" before going into medical schol.

    About the rigorousness, it is the same. Some uni doesnt provide prerecorded content, but all of them are very organized with timelines and subjects they teach, so the student can be prepared before classes and practices, and evaluations are very hard. Not medicine, but I studied part of my engineering degree in Germany, and I would say in Brazil I had more of a difficult time in evaluations and exams because it was more rigorouss.

    The curriculum is also the same. 2 years of basic cycle plus 2 years of clinical cycle, but there is 2 years of intensive supervised practice where student does act like a doctor.

    Research is very common between students of public universities, not only because the encourage students to apply for it, but because it is paid and also will help you in the residency entrance process (this last one is also mediated by exams and interviews, and for sure very competitive).

    About the quality of instructors, it has been written above. To be a professor at a public university you must have at least master and PhD.

  2. Can you please do a "so you want to be a crane" video, please? Your videos are the most helpful ones out there! Thanks. 😀

  3. The real doom and gloom are embedded in the US higher education system. Undergraduate education is full of empty academics. So much of what we learn in college isn't applied or used in the industry we desire to enter. The insights pre-med may gain from other industries can only be achieved by their own time and their own effort. College would do nothing but waste the better part of your time teaching subjects you'd end up forgetting once in your specific industry. What if you entered college wanting to study medicine? Great! Take US history and art, regardless if you did well at such courses in high school. And if you don't, you won't receive your degree. Yet, these two years of med-school didactics stress and pain only serve as a ripple effect from taking so many "gen-ed" courses. A pre-med student who's ambitious enough would be better off taking med-school didactics in college while leaving clinical, externship, and residency for graduate school and post-grad work. But such institutions don't always strive for simplicity.

  4. This title implies that you researched medical schools in other developed nations and found them to be inferior.

  5. bro rlly said he's all about nuance and made that part of his personal brand… and then publishes the most non-nuanced video with a grossly misleading title and american exceptionalism all over it.

  6. Don't understand why you had to do a video like this, other than letting everyone understand that u know 0 about medicine in the rest of the world..
    Almost everything you said is not an exclusive of US system, especially in Europe is very common what you said.

    U lost a point with this video, I'm sorry to say this.

  7. Wow people are really in their feelings about this video lol. It's just a video stating the pros of medical schools in the US. No one said medical school in your country was bad lol. I'm not from the US, nor did I study medicine there, and I don't take this video as a personal slight against my medical education, it's not that deep guys.

  8. US medical schools are very good, but far from perfect. I believe, their only advantage is technology. That itself is a huge strength, but medicine is far more than that. It’s not only scientists what we should be training. Medicine education elsewhere in the world has much more other strengths. Many US applicants, IMHO, just want the high paying stable job, without knowing what they are getting into. I would agree that US residency training in the other hand, is top 10 worldwide, because of the same reason, technology and resources.

    I just believe the title of this video is extremely biased. Although, medical school is good in the US, and probably very good, it is far from the BEST in the world, and many other developed and developing countries can share that title.

  9. This video is a big fat pandering to the US pre-medical students. The fact that we have to go through pre-medical studies in college is just weird, when we compare ourselves to other countries. Europe does it better with integrated 6 year curriculum to obtain an MD degree. And for those who want to explore other fields before, why don’t we also have 4+4 system for those want to do that. It’s also silly that we have two types of physician doctors, MD and DO, where in the rest of the world there is only qualification (as it should be). The problem with this video and in the American society is the widespread problem of American Exceptionalism. For those who believe in that, I’m sorry to break you the bad news but you’ve been lied to your entire life. There is no evidence to suggest that America is the best at anything. We have very wealthy schools but even that is temporary, who knows what will happen 50-100 years from now. It’s time we follow our friends in Europe and quit doing senseless things for our future. For gods sake, we are still using pounds for weight, inches, feet and miles for length. So many things to fix and bring the standards to a European level, including our medical education system.

  10. great video but idk if i agree with the strong intellectual property laws being a pro. The strong IP law that allows insulin to be repatented even tho it was created over 100 years ago or when pfizer stopped South African AIDS medication from being used during the AIDS crisis over IP protection, which lead to the death of 10,000s.

  11. Hi Dr. Jubbal can you do a video on other countries you can work in with a USMD degree and what the transition requirements are in different parts of the world? Curious because I know so many IMGs who came to the US and had to re-do residency to be able to practice here. Thank you!

  12. Even you say us medical education best…. And still such high burnout rate and stress level and quit… it doesn’t sound right…

  13. This is a dumb argument. And most of the schooling requirement is a waste of time. If I can get a bachelors degree in anything why not just skip the four years of bachelors degree and spend that time studying medicine the bachelors degree requirement is pointless and waste of time and money in medical school should be for years of undergrad and the rest of specialty not to mention medical school does not even cover the most important topic and health… nutrition!! Not to mention they know barely anything about diagnostic imaging however rely heavily on it how about we spend those four years of a useless bachelors degree in actual holistic healing sorry but this argument is stupid

  14. Not sure if I just watched inside information about the medical education in the US or an advertisement for the said thing…

  15. You can apply all your points to most European or western med school. The only thing that is better with the us system is your standardised testing. I would say that Germany and the German speaking countries have the best medical schools.

  16. This is the typical Americans thinking they are the best in everything but they are wrong.
    Typical calling everyone outside the great FREEDOM USA country are bad and inferior, when the usa is just average

  17. The video is a great response to the overwhelming negative talk about med schools but the title is misleading. Could’ve done better and you would have gotten your point across much more efficiently. In no way did you compare to other countries, you just listed general traits. As a med student in another country I would much rather prefer attending med school here rather than the US and I got no insight in why I should think otherwise – which is the reason I initially watched it. You’d be better off changing the title and make the video about what it’s actually about which is responding to criticism WITHIN the US rather than arguing the US is better than everyone else without providing proper arguments for it.

  18. If med school was only "a little bit of stress" 😂 another quote to consider is "bread only rises with rest." The mentality that med school is hard therefore it develops character is not something I have seen as a student. I've only seen the stress negatively impact our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I've seen it take away students'/ residents' passion, enthusiasm, and even empathy for patients. I've seen it push people to the brink of suicide. Med students don't need pressure to perform well or try their hardest. There's no way we would have made it this far if we weren't self driven and oftentimes our own biggest critic. We need supportive, non toxic environments that allow us to be human and care for ourselves so that we can care the best for our patients.

  19. Of course any American is going to say "Their x is best in the world" because America is the centre of the world they I wonder if they acknowledge things done in other countries because some of the "Reasons" are already done in other countries.

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