5 (Surprising) Factors That Affect Your Metabolism!

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Metabolic flexibility
1:47 Poor thyroid health
3:15 Not enough sleep
6:22 Not eating enough
7:13 Eating the wrong breakfast
8:55 Mestrual cycle


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  1. Hi Kait, great video!
    I have a question! People who are overweight, do they need more sleep than the average recommended amount for an adult? What are the effects on overweight people if they sleep more than they need to?

  2. Thanks for your concise, and simple, while getting the important points across! I notice I'm ravenous the next day after a cheat meal (carbs). Or even a few hours later. If I'm sticking to keto, I get hungry, but not stomach growling attack mode hungry.

  3. My sleep pattern is awful I am 52 years old and since hitting my 50’s I just don’t get a good nights sleep. I’ve started back on a low carb diet again and I also get plenty of vitamin D off the sun bed as we don’t have great weather in the Uk. I do a lot of walking too, I find I don’t have much energy either with not eating carbs i just seem to be going round in circles Kait 😩😒 And I always crave sweet things later on in the day after my dinner so I just end up going to bed so I won’t start picking at the wrong foods ! I fast from after eating dinner until about 10.30am the morning after too. I am pre menopausal too. Any suggestions please Kait ??

  4. Calories is a measurement for heat a food produce in a closed system. We use energy and it should be used for measurement of the macro nutrients. We donβ€˜t burn fat we convert fat into energy cause we donβ€˜t have a closed system.

  5. So I'm assuming once your subscription is up and you don't renew, the product is useless and you won't even get a reading, you have to be subscribe to get a reading?

  6. I just noticed you have had your braces taken off πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ I have only 2 weeks to go before mine are removed after a 3-year stint! Congratulations Kait πŸ₯³

  7. (68 now). After getting the correct level of thyroid replacement hormone, my caloric intake went up from 1337 (for a 44 day carnivore experience, running 4x a week) to 1830 for the past month. This was a gradual increase.
    Low thyroid trashed my tolerance for most foods. My 40 year running habit too. And eating 500 calories a day more? Perhaps I am more well nourished, but I didn’t enjoy eating more- I was hungry all the time!
    All that aside, low thyroid is serious stuff. To get it checked I had to specifically ask. So if you are worried, it can be a part of your blood work.

  8. Thanks for the video! I have been wondering this: If I eat more carbs, but keep my glucose (and therefore insulin) under control, is it possible to still go into ketosis? Or is the carb restriction completely necessary for ketosis?

  9. I don’t think Lumen works effectively. I check my blood glucose and ketone levels every day, they don’t tie in with my lumen readings.

  10. That's my problem not eating enough as I doing fasting to long,very tyred not sleeping well,so iam going to eat a fatty meat and eggs untill iam full,give that a go,,ps keep up the good work,people will need you 🌷

  11. Is a subscription needed for Lumen or do you just purchase the device?

    I have Grave’s disease and am overweight. Before Grave’s I was normal weight…thin and muscular. That’s all changed and there’s not much info on Graves’ disease and being overweight as everyone seems to think if you have Grave’s you are thin. Not true, there are plenty of us who don’t fall into the β€œtypical” category of Grave’s patients. Is it possible for you to provide additional information on this topic?

    Thank you.

  12. Thank you, Kait, for this info! I am always learning something new from you, such as how the menstrual cycle affects the metabolism. I am post-menopausal now. It is my sleep issues that are impeding my metabolism and I am working on resolving the sleep issues.

  13. I dont eat starchy food and suggars, doing keto diet and fasting 1 meal a day ususaly evening 20-21h . And usualy train before eating. Its amazing progress

  14. Appreciate you Kati ! I want to do 4-3 500 calories 3 days a week instead of intermittent fasting daily – weight to lose – value your opinion on this please ?

  15. There seems to be this perception that people on a keto diet are in a state of perpetual weight loss. I do need to re-lose 10-15 lbs, but unlike my initial and quick 40 lb keto loss I want to do it s-l-o-w-l-y so as not to lose lean muscle mass which is not good when you're a senior. But when I reach weight maintenance I will not obsess at all about weight loss and not sweat little ups & downs.

  16. My BMR was below average last year bc of CICO dieting. I started working with a nutritionist, avoided a second round of GD, and will be working with one again postpartum for weight loss. Will be getting an updated BMR to see where I’m at.

  17. Can confirm with a thyroid problem, doesn't matter how little you eat, or how much you fast. Eating nutrient dense is the best I've found. Bone broth, offal and less carbs is the only thing working for me. It's also so filling.

  18. Great info Coach Kait! Started eating more pork & chicken (still afraid to eat beef due to my gout), olives, kimchi and eggs, no rice for awhile now. And also started exercise bike for 45 minutes to an hour a day. Starting to loose some weight but still having a hard time getting good and deep quality sleep. My mind is more active when i try to go to sleep than when i'm awake πŸ˜”

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