6 Mistakes in Goal Setting | Tips to Achieve Success

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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness.
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  1. I'm going to add If you are making a personal goal be very careful if you include someone in your accountability. Giving yourself a mantra like "I'm doing this for my kids/Wife/Husband/Partner" can be a source of motivation and it can be your achilles heel. First off, other people don't need to share your goal or will have the same feelings you will have in achieving a goal, if you achieve your personal goal they will notice in heir own way. Kids especially do not need that level of accountability inadvertently put on their shoulders. You loose weight, feel fit because you want to spend more time with your kids and they want to spend time with their friends, or god forbid they don't want to go on that Hike. Worse case scenario is if someone leaves or is lost, they are no longer there, the motivation is gone and added to that is the grief of loss. That's a sure personal goal killer. No one is being mean to you if they don't take as much interest in your goal as you, they are busy doing their own things too. The outcome may end up with a shared experience but the process is all you, with just a bit of help and advice from others if required.

  2. I’m a therapist but feel stuck on what goals to achieve to Make a successful and financial substantial warning to meet my goals!

  3. Dr. snipe thank you so much !!! I really needed that ! But would be so kind to come up with EPPP teaching or skills to overcome fear of failing or the like!!! I’m taking mi e soon but feel that I’m not overcoming procrastination and fear of failing !!

  4. I don't know who needs to hear this but whatever you're going through just know that is your fault.
    And sometimes you'll meet someone and know from the very first moment you want to spend the whole rest of your life without them in it.
    Happy labor day everybody.
    All I do all day long is Crush cans it's just
    "Soda pressing"

  5. the story of lives huh . words are not enough . what's your own Story ? it's not so easy for you to know is it? truth on the inside is a great goal. fat chance for Dr's who cant even talk of Jesus & the devil , for fear of offense ..etc. but giving people the sell on clozapine they will yak yak on that all day !£? what .. no sanity's tragic but i think the health profession has been taking advantage of the weak & vulnerable . clozapine ,it dont make you think better for yourself, and it dont remove lies from inside.. can it.. ? Fat chance. you need logic and truth thinking for that , how's that going to work slowed down on psych drugs.. it's crazy .. the homeless in usa ,and all this resources spent overseas.. in this war.. ..look after yourselves first .. cant even take care of people those drugs.. the people have bad mental habits ,drugs make that worse..not better.. these men selling clozapine with statistics, those statistics lined up in piles are lies.. incredibly poor judgement from psych profession, even lazy .. cause they need, tones of education to learn there way better. yep you an really do that to get your way to a better you. it's messed up ,your trained wrong – how can people trust those certificated in the dr's office ? when these experts don't deliver much, it 's a bit of critic ,someone needs to have a go.. the society is falling apart .. just saying . it's not a good story out there. it might not be as much about the dear old brain's chemistry and biology as assumed. psych patients need to be given a much better Go of it.. learn not to be hopeless. the half way house or group peer suport gov paid stuff.. it's not helping as much ..could be 100 times better. these volunter workers are doing 100 times better work that the assessors / prescribers.. , they get paid heaps by someone – but the work they do is poor quality, the psychiatrist chat ,is frankly sick . oh man if you got supoort off the are better off, if you you want to get better . with Jesus it is possible ,and books, wise teachers.. you can make the system obsolete.. it's the truth people- even Doc Snipes makes the psych nurse practice obsolete , you can learn from her .. lol .. 30 minites with a Dr or nurse once a month cant compete with this.. lol. learn the trivium ..Grammar logic rhetoric – then split from the service .. there's a key right there to intellectual development and freedom , but they don't teach that ,,? why not. maby they don't want you to know how to think and learn ? perhaps there are some scamy reasons..but there is hope for the stupid , sometimes none for the high iq , who have made a lot of bad habits . it's your choice your responsibility.. you want self development , wisdom ..just go get it , with Jesus ,be patient – long term goal strategy.. it will take decades be patient.. there other way not cool .. it's your choice .. i advice the right way .. there's hope down that road with Jesus.. much more than you can understand right now. how's that for a goal, get wisdom , the outcome wll be better than the $$$chasers, wisdom leads to safety.. that's 1 of it's benefits, get into the liberal arts education – you may as well take the education of freemen,if your not able to get into a job , home educate ,it's a good use of your time. thats a Goal , natural self development at your own pace. 💖, better than the Dr's seat, i cant wait for the old guard psych dr's to retire ..perhap's the young ones will will try novel.. ways out side of the ..staus quo – way outside.. maby not.. so go independent, do it yourself.. learn how to learn .. think for yourself.. get out of the mind control , it's so insufficient. do it slowly but surely – it's up to you.. that's what it ought to be.. if you want off psych drugs.. give it time.. wean very slowly , like over a number of years as you go. looking after YOURSELF , IT WONT WORK IF YOU DON'T CARE FOR YOURSELF. VITIMINES D & ,ZINK , fish oil , B 12 .. stuff like that helps, exercise.. fruit & veg .. Jesus is the main thing , then education in wisdom.. you got to fill the gaps… so when drugs are got a healthy brain coming along with Knowledge in there ,from listening and observing life, and many what is it ? can learn your way better ..thats in your very best interests

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