7 Simple Habits You SHOULD Do Everyday

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Human beings are creatures of habit. Everything we think, say, and do is the consequence of deep-seated habits ingrained in our minds over the course of many years of consistent behaviour. Those are the same habits that can either propel us ahead or stifle our growth in life. Here are a few simple habits you should do everyday!

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  1. I have to laugh at the "stay hydrated" directive, because my problem is usually the opposite. The part of my brain that regulates thirst was damaged 3/4 of a lifetime ago, and I've acutely overdosed on water because my brain doesn't know when my first has been satisfied. Sometimes I compensate by drinking coffee or other diuretics, but there's nothing better than a talk glass of water–no ice.

  2. I have a simple rule when it comes to habits – do something everyday for mind, body and soul.
    For body – have at least one healthy meal (if not then at least some fresh fruit or vegetables) and get some exercise in fresh air. That could be run, bike ride, swim, dance or a simple stretch.
    For mind – read a book, read a good article, catch up with news, solve a problem, plan something etc.
    For soul – mediate, take walks, meet friends, have a good conversation or do something that just gives me pleasure without any other responsibilities.

    As someone who got diagnosed with clinical depression (and is now rehabilitating) it's important for me not to overwhelmed myself with too many habits or goals. I take every day as it comes and adjust to how much I can actually do that day.

  3. Me just trying to start off a good day for once as a young teen

    How the day went : Extra class, Extra work, Complaints from my friends, Disappointed my dad, Got no works done, Haven't eaten lunch for 2 weeks in schooldays, No friends to talk with, ✨️E M O T I O N A L D A M A G E✨️

  4. Hey Physc2Go, I’m going into the 9th grade , and I’m still trying to figure out myself, but I think I have a low self-esteem and I can’t really tell the signs and I’m really confused. I’ve watched your videos on self esteem and handling your emotions, but I still can’t really tell if I do or not, can you give me some tips and advice? I think I really need some advice or tips so I can start dealing with my emotions and myself better. Thanks ! Any advice or tips are welcome!

  5. This is seriously the BEST Psych2Go video that I've ever watched… I really needed this right now, thank you so much! 😀

  6. I'm okay with everything. But struggle to get off this social media thing which doesn't let me have some time for myself :")

  7. I am spiritually, mentally and physically the sexiest man on Earth.
    My birthname is David Brightstar SonofGod WordofTheLord And I am the blood Grandson of King David.
    After 10 years of being ostracized from any sexual contact with a female, I have already had enough, My Hydro bill is 100% subsidized, and I have been running hot water for 4 years straight. The hydro bill of everyone in the city of Thunder Bay is over 7 grand, and soon will be over 10k maybe even 15k. I have chosen my own happiness over the happiness of the middle class and rich. The male death rate is 5X higher than female and there is no way I am allowing myself to be ostracized from love while meth heads, alcoholics, and the most evil idiotic people get love.
    Have fun paying a $20,000 water bill soon, bitches.
    Along with the other plagues God is going to send.
    Including, but not limited to, Eternal Torment.

  8. Some while ago I kept track of all the money I spent. I had a spiral notebook with general categories such as: general groceries, snack food, sundry household items. It was quite amazing how much I spent on crackers, cheese and similar snack food.

  9. The first things I do when I wake up is to get my iPad to wake a bit more up, and then get up go to my table in my room and turn on my pc and play Minecraft. Also after school, get in the door go to my room turn on my pc and play Minecraft, Minecraft is the only way I can escape everything. Also I get the worst night sleep idk why, i-I just can’t sleep, so I just take my iPad until it’s like 3am and then I go to sleep and only sleep to 9/10am (I know this is really bad)

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