7 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Self Help Tools

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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness.

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  1. My emotional food is mint chocolate. Just a small piece, just for a moment. I eat junk food if they don’t contain things to worsen my food intolerance like no dairy, egg, soy or yeast. Sadly, they are too salty.
    I wonder what you think about brainwave therapy or/and serotonin type hypnosis?
    Note: I would not suggest gum to those who suffer diabetes.

  2. What works for me with weight watchers is that they are equally as concerned about the emotional part of eating as well…

  3. I have been able to cut down on my emotional eating by joining weight watchers and I have lost 28 pounds…

  4. I'm not hungry. I know what healthy foods to eat. But food that tastes good are the only things that give me a momentary pleasure.

    I'm alone. I never had a father and my mother was emotionally neglectful. I grew up isolated. I was never taught how to speak to people. I have a low self esteem and I have an addictive personality… alcohol, drugs, food.

  5. When I have/had pmdd I would either emotional eat or become hypersexual waaay too much (thanks hormones…) Food and sex were the only things I craved during those 2 weeks I cared about, nothing else. It was definitely easier to deal with those weeks when I had females to talk to cuz they understood me 100% (men just thought they could get an easy piece of ass) so this video will help when pmdd swings around again. Ty Doc Snipes <3

  6. Eat a ton of fiber. More fiber than you could conceive of. Fiber one cereal is great. I also eat full avocado and voluminous veggies. Lean protein helps too. The result will be a more consistent supply of energy, fewer energy crashes, and increased feelings of satisfaction.

    If you eat the right food, you won't even need to use coping mechanisms. You won't want to overeat.

    Long walks/hikes have been shown to provide a similar effect

  7. I need to hear about this but on a physiological level. More about how to eat what my body needs not wants, I’m talking about meal planning and meal eating. I get all good with the mental aspect of I’m only going to have healthy food but then I’m absolutely craving some bad food. This definitely has to do with detoxing out the chemicals and viruses stuck in my body, and therein lies the issue. How to properly take care of myself, the connection between body, mind and soul.

    Also certainly not wanting to sound mean but I would love is Dr snipes took some voice coaching classes. It’s a little hard to continuously listen to her voice in her videos.

  8. several cups of tea in hot water without anything added, works for me. Especially at night time when I get really anxious and frightened over nightmares and things that scare me a lot more during the night. But at least that's sorted for me for now and we will see next month if I am better or if I need more medical treatment. At least I'm getting somewhere with not eating a lot over the night.

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