988 Mental Health Lifeline Number Set To Launch July 16th

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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is replacing its 10-digit phone number with 988 on July 16th, which plans on becoming the 911 for mental health emergencies across the U.S. NBC News’ Ron Allen reports on concerns that some states are not fully prepared for the transition as public health officials claim they need more resources.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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988 Mental Health Lifeline Number Set To Launch July 16th


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. 988, what a Joke! Just like America. Look, like everything else in this hellhole of a country, these are PAID actors and paid boneheads who do NOT care about you, your well being or your problems. They are all paid informants to our now over reaching communist government. This is all just a bog joke. America is also a major JOKE and a laughing stock of the world. We have a horrible health care system, we are all overly taxed for services we will never use. We are all sick and tired of being told America is so wonderful and great. It's only wonderful and great and all when you are wealthy and/or sucking off the system. no wonder people in America are killing themselves.

  2. Did you ever think that maybe the person that chooses to end their life was making their decision the way they wanted to do it? Who are we to decide who gets to live and who doesn't get to live this has become such a ridiculous discussion. Most families of suicide victims had numerous numerous chances of at least trying to communicate or show love but instead they turn their back it all comes down to communication. Beyond that the world is already packed with enough hurting souls in this new number isn't going to change anything. Let's face it life is hard life can be very brutal and very cruel survival of the fittest. There's nothing more terrifying than having 10 cop cars 3 ambulances the fire truck all showing up at your house just because somebody got upset with somebody got their feelings hurt or somebody had a horrific childhood. Maybe some people should stop breeding that might help this crisis more than anything!

  3. Do not call 988. Find a reputable counselor on your own or through a friend. Once they begin putting people in psychiatric hospitals they keep taking you in over and over again. Your only option once they begin these, for them VERY, profitable hospitalizations your only recourse will be to leave the State.

  4. :'( I dont trust it. They said they may involve law enforcement. Thats why people dont call. We are afraid of how we will be treated. Getting locked in a facility as if we are getting arrested is a scary thing. PLEASE!!! I beg all of you DONT CALL its a trap. :'( A trap to force you to live a life you never wanted. A trap to lock us away in a mental facility. A trap where cops could be coming to your house and parents think you only called for attention. Parents claim we are out for attention. Imagine if I called and a cop came to my house and my mother told the officer I aint really depressed I am just an attention seeker. 🙁 And the cop believes that. I cant trust this and I hope people dont call. Please everyone out there. DONT open up. It will be the biggest mistake of your life.

  5. Nope. Not calling. Dont trust it. They most likely will send you away to a facility. Alot of people dont open up because locking us away is actually a scary thought so that is why people are too afraid to open up. We are afraid of how the public will react to how we feel. Thats why I am glad parents lose their kids to suicide. Suicide is the best punishment for parents. I wont be trusting this trash…

  6. If only 988 was available on 6/3/22 when the police killed my 19 year old son during a mental health crisis. Hopefully it will save someone though

  7. I heard 988 is a dangerous number and forcing recovery with sending police to your house and violence. I'm sorry but it sound traumatizing, good luck people living in this country

  8. This is all well and good but there's been a suicide hotline for years.
    Problem is that there is no place for people to go and actually get the real help that they need.
    If I could I would check myself into a mental hospital or clinic just for a couple of days i have been found to have situational depression if I could just get away for a couple of days things might get better than they are now.

  9. What are the main sources of American's mental illness at community level today ? Do not contaminate American body with alcoholism & drugs !

  10. Lets instead face the need for "The Right to Die".
    I think people need to have a right, whether incarcerated for life, or in permanent pain, to ask to die humanely and not be forced to do it violently. "Suicide by cop", is getting more and more prevalent. Cant get politics or people to be human to each other, and cant even let them die when they want to. This is a sick reality.

  11. In my medium sized city, it takes a suicidal person at least a month to even get an appointment to talk to a mental health professional on the phone. Bing referred by the cops or an ER may speed that up slightly, but not by much.

  12. The thing that sucks is they won't talk to you unless you have active thoughts about committing suicide. Just contemplating it is not enough, they are basically just there to call 911 for you.

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