Afghan Evacuees Living in France Need Mental Health Support

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(New York, March 24, 2022) – Many Afghans evacuated to France as the Taliban took over their country more than six months ago are experiencing trauma and psychological distress, Human Rights Watch said today. While France has provided important support to evacuees, including many with professional ties to the country, there remains a significant gap in terms of urgent and adequate psychosocial support.

As Taliban forces took control of Afghanistan in August 2021, Afghans who had worked with foreign governments and militaries, and in Afghanistan’s government, military, and security positions found themselves at heightened risk of persecution. Journalists and others who worked for foreign nongovernmental groups in various capacities, including promoting human rights and democracy, found themselves in the same position. Many fled the country at short notice, in some cases leaving behind family members.

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  1. Sorry to get you in touch with reality, but there are not even enough Psychologist for French citizens. I´m suffering from social anxiety & depression since I was raped and I was on a waiting list for over 8 month for a therapy place.

  2. That is right. I survived the war in Bosnia and I never processed the trauma and distress in a professional way. I am still suffering and finding myself being sad and traumatized frequently. Serbs humiliated my people by committing genocide one cannot imagine. Please support all the victims of the wars.

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