Afghanistan pull-out – Radicalized veterans in the US | DW Documentary

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US troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan – with heavy emotional baggage. Many veterans are suffering from PTSD. There’s also evidence linking the radicalization of rightwing individuals in the US to their wartime experiences.

The campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq have left chaos in their wake – and not just in the war zones themselves. Suicide rates among US veterans are strikingly high. Many of the pro-Trump insurrectionists occupying Capitol Hill in January 2021 had a military background. The FBI says veterans of the war in Afghanistan joining white militias now pose one of the biggest threats to US domestic security. Through footage from Afghanistan and exclusive interviews, the film shows how veterans are bringing the war back home.

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  1. God bless America? He did and what did we do with the blessings? Squandered it on stupid wars and military spending.

  2. Absolute propaganda here. Now we're supposed to be fearful of veterans who were lied to? And I'm sure that DW has a few episodes on Vietnam vets re-imagining history as well.

  3. The fact that you even brought up the capital frankly made this entire thing a waste. I don't see how you can call people who got spit out by policy makers as radical for being mad about it, let alone trying to justify that angle by using an event that happened before the A-Stan pullout. For DW this one was really bottom of the barrel.

  4. I never trust anyone who tells me who to hate; that being said for me it was never personal, just business. A man's gotta eat somehow.

  5. I’m sorry but if you’re taking a thumbs up photo next to a toxic burn pit you’re kinda asking for something bad

  6. Hate to break it to you DW but veterans come in all different colors. Militias in this country come in all different colors. We're just not buying the absolute bullshit ya'll are selling anymore. And the people who are pissed off come in all different colors. They aren't white right wing extremists. They're just regular people who are seeing through the lies. And when we finally do come together and relegate this cancer destroying our country to the dustbin of history all of the useful idiots who supported this cancer will face a reckoning including outlets like yourself who pumped out ridiculous propaganda like this documentary.

  7. I see this documentary is following the party line. What I am not clear on is wither it is the Chinese Communist Party of the Democrat Party, mostly because I'm not seeing much of a difference.

  8. 15:32 notice how trillions go to wars instantly, and not a process for $1M to help the poor on the streets. Wars a business with political kickbacks with interest for those who put in the plot.

  9. lesson learned america. politics first, firepower second. unless you wanted to annihilate everyone, you won't really win anything if you can't get everyone on your side.

  10. 'The Thrull army'
    To tell you what my grandfather told me as he served in ww2 ' they will Always thank you for your service however to them, you are nothing but a bunch of ……' ( they already now know what he said)
    That is EXACTLY what he told me
    That is why I never joined the adf
    Nor never will I do so
    Both voluntary or involuntary

  11. This was a great documentary! America is just radicalized! Christianity and Nationalism is becoming increasingly common among white Americans.

  12. @Chris Hill the Vet with no brains! Go to collage instead playing sausage fest with your boys!! These Vets insult everyone who served America, they serve a man Trump not America!! They have become the unregulated militia our Army would put down just like the confederates!

  13. Afghan will never forget thier blood one day should come to give our revenge from whole countries who invade my country Afghanistan nato and USA will be destroying soon this is our swear to Allah we will get our revenge

  14. Ehh let's not blame guns for veteran suicide shall we, it starts with mental problems caused by them seeing the Afghanistan people weren't an enemy and had to continue and the fact that no proper resources for mental help is what EVENTUALLY leads to them picking up their gun but it's not the guns that need to go it's pointless wars portraying an enemy that magically hates us for no other reason than we are Americans, people who claim to be representing America have to have done something to them and that's undeniable no one hates just to hate. And veterans having to try to get insurance passed for certain medical help is absurd anyone who fights for us should be fully covered medically regardless if it's tied to war or not

  15. The V.A. Needs To Pay These Patriots!!! NOW! We shouldn’t be losing veterans from suicide when they get home. These stingy people need to help them!!!🇺🇸♥️👍

  16. The people running this country want to rub your face in their corruption,and then if you have a problem with it they demonize you and call you a domestic terrorist.

  17. The only existing danger is radicalized talibiden; he is destroying the country. He is a liar, corrupted, a tyrant, and a criminal with blood on his hands.

  18. The weapons, the Tanks etc should have been given to The Afghan Army- instead of leaving it to empower the Terrorists-

  19. God bless out troops especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice. It disgusts me how we left Afghanistan, and also how our government treats our troops when they return home after doing their job above and beyond.

  20. Well it's about time the veterans of the War on Terrorism got their fair share of mistreatment from the press. Vietnam vets were treated horribly when they returned and for decades after. My coming home from Vietnam was met with calls of baby killer, yet I got parades when I returned 33 years later. Now I am an enemy of the state according to Brandon. He even had a veiled threat about F15'S being used against me. FJB

  21. I'm a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom 03-04. We all have friends and family who served in Afghanistan.. Obviously it had to end but the manner was completely unacceptable. Literally an insult to everyone who payed the ultimate price and everyone who serves in the Armed forces. That fact that it could even occur so haphazardly never entered our minds. It makes us all seem incompetent in the eye's of the world. I love my country and would defend it to the end.. I just don't understand how command and control could deteriorate so rapidly. Leaving all that equipment in the hands of hostile forces..

  22. The problem is these guys who sign upto the military aren’t very intelligent people, all it takes is a false flag attack to freeze the 3 brain cells they have in they’re head & trigger the “patriotism” in them making them drones who can justify killing innocent people abroad for the monstrous acts of they’re own elites, then when they come back home, get some clarity in they’re heads, realise all the atrocities they’ve committed against poor defenceless people overseas, it eats them up inside so they become self destructive & suicidal, heroes & those who believe that they fought for the greater good don’t have such negative feelings afterwards, these soldiers know deep down they fought to enrich corporations & can’t live with what they’ve done. At least that marine came to his senses & abandoned his hateful ways, good for him becoming a Muslim, Islam can transform even the worst of people to decent human beings, God guides who he wills.

  23. Plz note the Muslims being depicted in this documentary are not Muslims they belong to ahmadiya community considered to be non Muslims by the Muslim world I am sure their are many real Muslims served in wars and the armed forces show them ..

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