American kids in a mental health crisis | Sunday on 60 Minutes

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Sunday, Sharyn Alfonsi reports on the decline in mental health, accelerated by the pandemic, impacting U.S. adolescents. #MentalHealth

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  1. Television, TikTok, social Media etc make your mental illness worse but no one wants to say it because they love it too much to let it go. I remember before smartphones, us having conversations and maybe watching a little television. But it was mostly us playing outside. I suffer from mental health like anxiety depression and panic attacks since i was a child but since smartphones and smart tv came out it has got worse. I Switched to a flip phone and got rid of all social media for almost 2 years now but im still trying to get rid of YouTube which is hard. But my mind is better now.

  2. Honestly you don't see that around the world little American girls are drama queens! Put them on Ukraine soil and see how they go then lol!

  3. Instead of teaching ancient history in school, perhaps we should be teaching skills like meditation, self-compassion, conflict management, and other important skills to manage and improve mental health.

  4. I dunno. I was a teenager in the 60s, and it's hard for me to be empathetic with these millennials when many kids in the 60s had VIET NAM hanging over our heads like a dark cloud throughout the entire decade and you could be sent to jail for owning a couple of joints ( marijuana cigarettes). .

  5. When will America finally have an ANTI-BAD PARENTING campaign!? And why aren't we eliminating Stressful Daily Homework assignments for our kids? The damage stress and anxiety does to our kids FAR outweighs any benefit from Homework.

  6. Watching the interview with the two teenage girls, who were highly social children, it was apparent their self concept was strongly tied to that socialization and feedback from their peers – "your so smart, your so pretty, your so popular" Being cutoff from socialization and positive reinforcement led to bad grades and mental health issues. Hopefully the experience sheds a strong light on the children who always lacked sufficient positive socialization because they avoid it. Interaction causes too much damage. They are the ones who endure daily negative reinforcement "he's weird, she's so fat, your ugly" from their peer group which often leads to long term ramifications for self concept and mental health.

  7. This is precisely why I don't watch 60 Minutes nearly as much as I used to. Terrible reporting. Social media is a primary driving force in adolescent depression and anxiety, and there's plenty of data to prove it. This report doesn't even mention that but that there are "theories." The government knows it, the media knows it, the parents know it, but nobody is going to do anything about it because a lot of people are making a lot of money investing in social technologies. CBS should hang up their typewriters.

  8. Get rid of all social media… it’s stealing your children away from reality…try your hards to have a parent home when children get home… they need guidance and encouragement …activities to keep them busy and to grow ..healthier diets.. exercise… chores…rest.. they are lacking family time .. shuffle shuffle shuffle.. no family structure … 🙏👦🏻👧🙏

  9. Get rid of all the tech social media…. Bring back (1) parent being home when they get home…after school children need structure and disepline

  10. I was picking cotton for one penny a pound during the summer, and had a part time job cleaning the doctors office at night at the age of 12

  11. I'm watching these two young girls and their mom saying they were deviated by the pandemic. Because they couldn't go to school or other activities. These people would be the first to not survive is they were on a ship wreck in a desert island. People and families that are catered to everything are weakening thier survival instinct.

  12. I remember the days when 60 minutes was a news and reporting organization. Now it’s nothing more than state media for the political operatives of the Democratic Party. Worthless propaganda…

  13. Social media and easy access to the world through computers has pretty much tainted their young minds and lost their innocence!

  14. they warned a lot about teen suiclde in the 80s. That saif, I do feel bad for kids who missed HS and college years on lockdown.

  15. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

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