America’s Schools Are In Crisis-Mode With A Massive Teacher Shortage

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America’s schools are facing a shortage of 300,000 teachers and staff nationwide, according to the country’s largest teachers union. And now school districts are turning to once-unthinkable solutions to alleviate the pressure like reducing school weeks to 4 days and allowing college students to educate kids. MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin spoke with the Executive Director of The School Superintendents Association Dan Domenech about this huge problem.

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  1. I'm a veteran teacher with forty-three years in various classrooms from the Midwest to Hawaii. I was assaulted by a student, hit across my arm, because I reported to Child Services (I am a mandated reporter) that the student had a large bruise on her arm and told me she had stepped between her dad and his husband when they were in a physical altercation. She came in the next day and hit me for that. My assistant principal came in and said, "Yes, she hit you, but how hard?" This AP has never taught a day in her life. Next year, two girls that I had separated for constant talking during lessons and who were failing the class, having done zero for the year, waited until class was over when they thought there were no witnesses, came in, screamed in my face that THEY did not feel safe. They refused to leave. Next day I sent them to office for this on a two-day out-of-class suspension. The parent of one of the girls, who is a woman at the district in Chicano Studies, also threatened me. Another assistant principal brought them right back to class. I have the contractual right to suspend a kid for three days, supposedly. I'd had heart surgery the year before and things didn't go as well as predicted and I continued to experience a-fib. So, I gave my AP the keys to my classroom, the book I was teaching and left three months into the school year. My doctor wrote me out for the rest of the year. The girls spread the rumor that they had gotten me fired. It is not unusual for past students to write to me, thanking me for "changing my life, making me a critical thinker." This has sustained me. Teaching was my life and I miss it, but I do not miss the abuse.

  2. when a child has major behavioral concerns, so much so that they laugh in your face as theyre running around screaming while youre trying to teach a class of 20, and then run under a table and hit their head and suddenly fun and games arent so funny anymore, then their parents get called, decide to sue you, and you have no financial support to go to court, then you know teaching is the worst profession ever. and these are behavioral issues that start at the beginning of the year so you know where it really comes from. parental accountability?????? lmao silly teacher, parents arent responsible for what their child does at school…even if its screaming, kicking, spitting, slamming doors, hitting, tantrumming in the hallway in the line going to lunch, racing through the office staff doors, taking off their shoes and pants and running around the lunchroom. nope. thats on you. teachers are clearly not doing their job….

  3. As a retired teaxcher, I feel it's not really the parents that are the problem, it's our educational administration/system. They have no respect for teachers. I retired(resigned), from teaching in Chicago, where from 2005 onward, they fired between 900 to 1,400 seasoned teachers per year due to "budgetary concerns". They also let go of as many auxilary staff as possible, which made our jobs even more difficult.

  4. Let's be honest. Its not always money. Nobody wants to talk about the behavior of many children as well. There is very little accountability and many parents no longer teach their children respect.

  5. It seems that America went from a "Mister Chips" sort of education to a woke (Folie a Trois) mentally ill grooming children type of nuthouse. Who would want to work in that type of cesspool?

  6. Teachers are leaving in droves because kids are not held accountable for their actions anymore. All this positive only reward discipline system has trained these kids that they get rewards for misbehaving. They are coddled and pampered and continue to do the bad behaviors because they know nothing of significance will ever happen to them. It’s completely backwards, and teachers are fed up with it.

  7. Veterans teaching? Well if the students misbehave, then we can order them to hit the deck and do 40 pushups! 🏋️

  8. It’s like every crisis created in this country within the last 2 1/2 years you can thank the Democratic Party Joe Biden and his crime family for altering what was precious and good in this country that held a standard that was set forth by our forefathers and solidified through its people in time has been destroyed because of their failed policies and outlandish communistic activities look at them now A year and a half ago they were defunding the police and promoting riots to burn down cities now that the 2022 elections are coming they’re all 180 let’s support the police let’s defend the police this is so sickening and a true sign of what a psychotic mentality is that it’s running this country did they just think people would forget what they said a year and a half ago what a joke what a joke

  9. Not to mention that too many of these kids are allowed to be so disrespectful, get away with it and return the next day to do it over and over again. Public education is being blamed for failing kids instead of the toxic parenting and demonic cultural influences.

  10. My wife has a bachelors degree and a masters degree in education (special education and school counseling). As a result she incurred about $200k in debt for a job that pays about $53k a year. There is no ROI for going into education. Until that is addressed there will be issues.

  11. War against critical thinking. Elites only want employees to be smart enough to run the machines but not smart enough to know they’re being cheated.

  12. Are you kidding? Why would anybody go and present himself for target practice? For the right to teach Creationist Science?

  13. You know who is also leaving? Custodians. Classrooms have to be cleaned by teachers to get ready for students to start class. 5-10 min cleaning is time that has been cut for lesson planning where there is no lesson planning time.

  14. This isn’t about books, race, or gender. It’s about unrealistic expectations and no boundaries for children.

  15. Let all governments invest in raising TIIM teachers. These are Transformed Informed Inspired and Motivated Teachers. Teachers are the true mirrors of any nation.

  16. Leftists are being removed from our institutions slowly but surely. One day this insanity will be over, and the remaining group of you leftists will be on a leash, never given power to subvert our society ever again. It starts in November, then we begin to dismanle leftist subverted institutions (nearly every single one).

  17. When kids as young as kindergartners are being forcibly taught lascivious sexual subjects and whites are being told that their "privilege" has to be extirpated, who wants to join this sick social justice experiment?

  18. Well, when you have to be a party to enabling Pedophiles and Pushing Transgenderism on Children as Young as Three Years Old; that's not very appealing to most Sane people!

  19. Lol I love how they derail the conversation higher wages for teachers. These stories are just false narratives to lead society into status quo and complying

  20. cant apply discipline, have to relearn the english pronouns and apply them incorrectly, have to avoid guns shots, and then get verbally abused by disinterested parents. Who wants that? Money will not fix it.

  21. Hardly surprising. They've been vilified and attacked and threatened for YEARS by wingnut yahoos who don't have the brains god gave a turnip. Why in the world would anyone want a job like that?

    ETA: You think the kind of people who vilify teachers actually CARE about development and psychology? They're authoritarians. They only care about "discipline" and forcing THEIR beliefs down kids' throats. They would call this talk of development and psychology "woke lies".

  22. Increase wages/salaries, reduce work load, increase concrete support, and provide school supplies.

    Or just support charter schools and private schools further.

    The privatization of public education is already underway.

  23. Beto going to win governorship in Texas and reverse everything Abbott has put in place. Such as Abortion, gun reform, and fix our public schools.

  24. It’s because of the republicans denizens teachers which being under attack, low pay, and retirement. Combine all the reasons your going to have this problem.

  25. No one has a teacher's back. Administrators, such as school superintendents and principals are more worried about placating parents and being a "buddy" to the students is more important to them. Almost every time I called out a student for their behavior, I was the one called to the principals office. Any efforts I made to sound the alarm on what was happening, was blatantly ignored by school officials. And now the kids and society are paying the price.

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