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Hello Everyone,
I’m Master Shi YanXu. Today I want to share some news with you.
I want to create a new Qi Gong program for health and wellness training. We will call it “New Qi”.

I want to hear from you, how I Teaching this Class ?give me your ideas.
What do you want to learn about Qi Gong? Tell me anything about what you would like to learn.
I will plan host a free zoom call on Thursday, July 28, 2022 to get your ideas, and discuss all the things you want to know.
where you can “Ask Me Anything” and I can listen to your thoughts on Thursday, please click on the link below.

Thank you!

Thursday ,July 28, 2022

Onzoom Call In:

Opening · 00:00
1) Hello Everyone · 00:05
2) New Qi · 00:11
3) Tell me anything · 00:30
4) Ask Me Anything · 00:50
Closing · 00:55

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  1. Sir. I want to learn Kungfu martial arts. Can u plz. make a video on that step by step. Sir plz. reply

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