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Astana Medical University, Fake Website, MBBS in Kazakhstan 2022
Hello to all future medical students and their parents. This video is dedicated to learning how to avoid fake websites of universities. Usually, when we seek admission to a particular university or country, we use to Google that university. This is very common, and everybody does the same. Not only university but everything we want to know about then says, google guru. Long live! Just go to the search bar of Google and get results. We open some of the top results shown in the results. These are the everyday habits that we use to open the first few results in different tabs, whether we are using a laptop, computer, or tab. 95% of mobile users use it to open the first or second website, and they think the information provided in the topmost top results is correct.
In the same way, when you are searching for some universities abroad, maybe you encounter some such websites in the results shown by Google that leaves you distracted because sometimes the university’s website ranks in fourth or fifth position. Still, the organization with an excellent technical and SEO team gets higher positions above the university’s website rank, trapping the students seeking admission to the particular university by opening the first or second website. Most people make these websites for lead generation, and they mention that the website is unofficial and used for marketing purposes only in the form of some logo or notification. Whereas the website we will show you today does not indicate such information but offers as such, that’s the university’s official website. Now we are going to take you to the screen of our laptop to show how Google works, and we get trapped unknowingly. Let us show you how we are used to searching in google like we are searching Astana Medical University, and we enter the suggestions provided by Google. Now the results shown in front of us are organic results. So, accordingly, we open the first website in one tab, and now we open the second website displayed in the results in the second tab. Now, what happens? We see the university’s name and contact number, which shows “@Astana medical university official”. This is an unofficial website, and it is mentioned nowhere that it is unofficial and used for marketing purposes only. It seems like the motive of this website is to gain your trust that this is an official university website, and you must take admission through this site only. They have also given the details of the complete faculty and added some blogs over their name of medical university official “the name of the university, open the second website displayed in the results in the second tab. Now, if you open the contact tabs, you will find the details of an e-mail id, a mobile number and the address of Kazakhstan and a portion to send a query. Whereas if we talk about the original website of Astana Medical University, its “” in the English version. All the information is available on this website about the university and the contact us tab. Now it’s up to you only if you are searching for some university, whether it is the original and official website of the university or not. You have to test this before starting any processing. Apart from this, if you have any doubt, you can ask us by posting comments in the comments section of this video. And don’t forget to let us know whether you like our videos or not through words.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Hello dear Agent!
    The website you are targeting it’s our website.
    Warning ⚠️ Please don’t misleading people. Otherwise we will take legal action against you.
    Remove the fake video you made.

  2. I am doing my Mbbs in Kazakhstan. Your overall budget must be around 30-35 lacs which includes all your personal expenses and flight tickets also. Food and Hostel and other expenses all are included.

  3. Gentleman your information is true.I also encountered most of the Russian medical University website imparting English language carriculum r controlled by a Delhi Agent.

  4. कजाकिस्तान की प्रत्यक मेडिकल कॉलेज में इंडियन स्टूडेंट के एडमिशन की कितने सीटें निश्चित है।

  5. Sir in general any kazakhstan university official website url or we can say in general words website address should be end with kz

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