Austin Public Health talks West Nile Virus symptoms after virus found in mosquito pool | KVUE

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The virus is present in Travis County but no human cases have been reported.


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  1. Weird. The same places Bill Gates released his pet mosquitoes, there’s sudden outbreaks of infectious diseases. SHOCKING!

  2. Man they're trying anything to lock people down aren't they? West Nile has been around for years people. If you don't get the pox, or the vid, now it's going to be West Nile again. Expect next week to be very very full of Legionnaires disease. They're really reaching now peeps. I'm sure by November everyone will be exposed to smallpox, and the plague, because it's probably walking across our Southern border. But you know it's just a reason to put us all in a box and control us. Let's go Brandon

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