Authentic Persuasion Training Session 23 | Mindset and Mental Health

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Authentic Persuasion Training Session 23 | Mindset and Mental Health
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📕 A Sales Consultants Guide to Being A New Team Lead: (Transitioning From Selling To Leadership) (A Sales Consultant’s Guide To)

📕 A Sales Consultant’s Guide To Overcoming Objections: Yours & Theirs

📕 Selling With Authentic Persuasion
This book will remove all the stress and anxiety you feel about selling so you can focus on what’s really important – your customers and their needs. Jason Cutter will reveal how being honest with customers, overcoming our misconceptions about sales, and persuading like a Professional will lead to sales success.

📕 Voices for Leadership Hardcover

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If you are in sales, then you know the challenges that you deal with.
Internally…mindset, motivating yourself, handling the ups and downs.
Externally…sales strategies, tactics, what to say, how to move people forward, overcoming objections.
Each week we will expand on a section from Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker.

🔵 Hi, I’m Jason Cutter

Yes, I have a degree in Marine Biology. No, I don’t have any formal sales training. I didn’t even get my first sales job till I was 27. That’s probably why I learned how to actually sell, instead of just plowing ahead with the nonsense most sales “trainers” teach you.

If you’re looking for growth in your sales career, you’ll be able to find something useful in the links below. I can’t promise you results, but I can promise authenticity.



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