Biden Signs Executive Order To Address 'Health Care Crisis' After Overturning Of Roe

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President Biden announced he would be signing a second executive order on reproductive health care access to address what he describes as a “health care crisis” since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. I'm curious why MSNBC would cut out so much of the confusion and the "do I sign this order now?" that this live footage had. It's almost like they don't want you to know that the president is suffering from dementia.

  2. He says. Human right.
    Hundreds of thousands die from drugs pouring into the USA
    Criminals have the key to the city’s.
    Dear president we all have the rights to live and be happy right?

  3. JOE BIDEN is an abominably foul peon and a horribly atrocious chromosome deficient hysterical mass of warbling inanity

  4. So it violates Marjorie Taylor Green's HIPAA rights to ask her if she's been vaccinated against COVID-19, but abortion ban states can stop women in cars to ask them about their pregnancies?

  5. These poor pro lifers. They have been so brainwashed. Anything can be abused, but this is a necessity for women as Biden describes, a right, and no man or woman has the right to deny them proper healthcare. No one. My body my choice, keep your laws and religion off my healthcare.

  6. Awe poor male chauvinist pig trumpanzees are now butt hurt because President Biden is standing up to the non supreme court and the Reich wing.

  7. Boooooooooo 😑😒 WHO CARES!! This is all for votes 🗳 that's all & its going to work. America is in bad shape. No offense but this is not IMPORTANT. Inflation is up ⬆️ Gas prices is up ⬆️ FOOD IS TO EXPENSIVE FOR SINGLE PARENTS & MUCH MORE, WHO CARES ABOUT THIS, SERIOUSLY!!! THIS IS THE MOST LEAST IMPORTANT THING ON EARTH 🌎 😕. SMH THANKS BIDEN, FOR NOTHING

  8. What a screwed up backwards country America is to take rights of women away 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    Absolutely disgustingly ludicrous!!!

  9. The English Neo Globalist upper n middle class progressive movement, lied to us about race replacement. ( You all need to think what promises these greedy swines made to us. ) The first lie was, they coming to take all the low paid jobs !! The second lie was, they all coming to integrate with us !! These are the same liars that made us Brits conquer and rule half the planet. Until the countries began to wake up. Any form of Imperialism, or globalism is not wanted by all races !! These useless greedy people are using the UN to peddle their wares !!

  10. Hi friends !
    These words are for President Joe Biden.
    Hi Joe !
    I writte here to say goodbye.
    I have done a proposition to you.
    You haven't answer.
    But you follow my recommendations.
    It is OK.
    I don't go to participate on your elections.
    I don't go to do your campaign for free.
    While you refuse my proposition
    I have created the
    Pacific Union of South Atlantic Ocean.
    With Russia,China,Iran,Turkey,Thailand,
    India,Pakistan and many more.
    To defend SouthAmerica and Africa
    from the corrupt imperialism capitalist.
    I do declare it is a Peaceful Force.
    Only for Defense.
    My proposition abaut to save your Nation is on the air.
    You know where I am.
    Kind Regards.
    Good Luck.
    God bless you all.
    Thanks very much

  11. RWNJs may think that abortion was "always" illegal in the US prior to 1972, but that's false. Abortion was only made illegal in 1869, when replenishing the population after the Civil War was a kind of crisis of its own. Women had always had access to abortion, either via doctors, midwives, abortifacient potions mixed up in their own kitchens, and other forms of self-induced abortion. The health care crisis that followed the banning of abortion was catastrophic. Women died unnecessarily by the thousand every year. The death toll was never less than 5,000 per year, and during the 1920s, was above 15,000 annually. It was that crisis that lead individual states to begin to make abortion legal again as early as 1968. Roe only affirmed the right to abortion for the entire nation in 1972; it was not the first or only effort to make reproductive health care a reality for women in the US. Abortion was only specifically illegal in this country for 99 years; if that establishes some kind of historic precedent, what did 50 years of specifically legal abortion establish? Obviously a lower death toll among women, but we already know that dead women count no more to the right than dead children do.

  12. Abortion is a woman's choice across the majority of the world.

    The US constitution has been amended 27 times and it's easy to amend as abortion law.

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