Breaking Down The Inflation Reduction Act’s Impact On Healthcare And Climate

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President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act that will spend hundreds of billions of dollars on climate change and accomplishes a long-held goal of by many Democrats of letting Medicare negotiate drug prices. NBC News’ Joshua Johnson is joined by a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, Jared Bernstein, to break down the details of the legislation and what to expect moving forward. 

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  1. Funny thing is the market for used vehicles under $6000 is massive. So until the day you can take $6000 cash or less sometimes way less of todays current money and buy a car and have no monthly payments then the majority will never get an EV. My parents have never bought a car above $5000 in my whole life and at least 15+ of my relatives only can afford a used vehicle with income taxes and pay for it cash.

  2. So let's compare the future price of a gallon of ordinary water first if we DON'T spend the money now fighting climate change, and THEN if we DO spend the money now fighting climate change? Think about it. Take your time.

  3. So pretty much their plan is to tax the middle class by saying their making the rich pay their fair share 🤦🏾‍♂️ these people are literally further empowering the IRS, which we should all agree is useless and corrupt, TRUMP 2024 at least he didn’t make it obvious he was trying to rob the people

  4. This Bill does the exact opposite of what is called, thanks to sleepy Joe's policies we have x2 gas and grocery prices, your 9.6% inflation and drop in annual real wages. My condolences to anyone like myself retiring this year. 30years of nonstop work just to have a crooked system swallow all your earnings.

  5. He sounds like he's running a political ad. Why can't I understand how inflation is lowered from all this free money?

  6. Look at all this money I can save if I would just spend all this money first!! This bill kinda sounds like shopping at Sam's Club, with a special booth by the door for the snake oil swill of the "healthcare industry."

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  8. After finding out all the new rules on EV rebates in this bill it actually seems more like something conservatives would put up.

  9. Food inflation is now at 12.7%; inflation for electricity at 53.5% & rising; inflation for gas at 95.5% & rising.

  10. while glaciers are growing, polar bear populations are blooming like crazy. I thought there was global warming? Oh wait I forgot it wasn’t warming, like they kept saying it was for money so now they call it climate change

    Climate Ala rmism

  11. It will only fatten bank accounts of the puppet masters who control the politicians. That is EVERY bills purpose. Strengthen their hold on your tax dollars.
    Its called theft by deception.
    They are all breaking the law, but they control the "justice" system.
    Case in point, bubba wallace rope, epstein coverup, trumpgate and now this new witchhunt.

  12. During Trump's tenure, the US economy contracted 3.5% – the fastest rate since 1946. Trump is the worst jobs president in recorded history. The Dow had the largest single-day stock market drops in the history of Dow Jones. Household income decreased 2.9%. Poverty increased 1%. It was the first increase in the official poverty rate after five consecutive years of declines. Income inequality reached its highest level in 50 years. The national debt under Trump increased 39%. The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third highest of any president in history.

  13. We need to order millions more Homeless tailored Tent's from China then allocate proper sidewalk locations of course US citizens have priority..

  14. God help us from they who are destroying america and there america last policies that the American citizens never voted for

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