Buying Resale Condo? Factors to go from stress to fab with resale condos.

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Resale condos? When buying a Resale Condo consider these important factors prior to your move!
Let’s look at the pros and cons before putting an offer on a resale condominium because
living in a condo can go from fabulous to not-so-fabulous.

There are a few important considerations to make that have absolutely nothing to do with your individual unit.

Buying a condo means buying into a building — one which has the power to make your time living there a blissful experience or a pain in the neck.

This video will discuss what to think about before you make an offer on your existing condo.

00:00 Introduction to resale condos
00:34 Resale pros
01:08 Things to check before buying a condo
01:25 Do you own a pet?
01:34 What is the building’s reputation?
02:03 Is visitor parking available?
02:46 Are there enough elevators?
03:46 How close is your unit to the garbage chute?
04:14 What are the amenities?
05:00 Is the concierge friendly?

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