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Rogers explains its network outage but it doesn’t stop consumer outrage. Canada’s premiers will demand more federal dollars to prevent a health-care crisis. Plus, a conversation with a Russian oligarch who has made an enemy of Putin.

00:00 The National for July 10, 2022
00:45 Rogers explains its Canada-wide outage
03:38 Leaked documents on Uber’s expansion tactics
05:04 Premiers to demand more health-care funding
07:21 Parents travel to U.S. for COVID-19 shot for kids
09:37 Missing 5-year-old Frank Young found dead
10:03 Canada criticized over return of Nord Stream turbines
12:30 Deadly rocket strikes in eastern Ukraine
12:56 Sri Lanka protests call for leadership changes
15:17 Japan votes after Shinzo Abe’s assassination
15:44 Gunman opens fire in Johannesburg bar
16:05 Steve Bannon agrees to testify at Jan. 6 committee
19:34 Novak Djokovic wins 7th Wimbledon title
19:58 PM Trudeau appears at the Calgary Stampede
20:26 Ontario farmers worry about losing land
24:05 Putin’s oldest enemy: Mikhail Khodorkovsky
34:21 Social media’s impact on beauty standards
23:16 The Moment: Marriage proposal snags

Correction: At 10:02 in this program, the image behind the host incorrectly shows wind turbines, not the natural gas turbine used in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

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