CDC director announces 'reset' for speed

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The head of the nation’s top public health agency on Wednesday announced a shake-up of the organization, saying it fell short responding to COVID-19 and needs to become more nimble.

The planned changes at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC leaders call it a “reset”— come amid ongoing criticism of the agency’s response to COVID-19, monkeypox and other public health threats. The changes include internal staffing moves and steps to speed up data releases.

The CDC’s director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, told the agency’s staff about the changes on Wednesday. It’s a CDC initiative, and was not directed by the White House or other administration officials, she said.

“I feel like it’s my my responsibility to lead this agency to a better place after a really challenging three years,” Walensky told The Associated Press.



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  1. Americans will trust the CDC again when they fire you for deceiving and deception. We are sick of the lies that poor from your mouth

  2. That is precisely what I did in May 2020! Do my own research and think for myself.

    There was already plenty of data from China and Italy. I looked at the statistics coming out of clinics and hospitals and learned that it was only deadly if you were very old or already in poor health and for everyone else it was NBD.

    I learned that asymptomatic spread was very very poorly supported.

    I learned that masks are not PPE and can't contain the virus (too small), I soon learned that PCR tests are frauds and can't be used to diagnose infections according to the inventor and it says so right on the box.

    I learned that repurposed safe and cheap drugs are always the first line protocol in any epidemic and blocking them is criminal.

    I learned that universal qusrantines and masking have been counter to public health policy around the world for 100 years bc they do much more harm than good.

    I learned that science requires open inquiry not censorship, threats, muzzling, entrenched hegemony and 25/7 health authority propaganda

    And I learned in the first two weeks that COVID is less virulent and less deadly than the last seven pandemics by a factor of three to ten times, roughly equivalent with a moderately bad flu season.

    It was so obviously a power and money grab that it astounded me that people couldn't see right through it.

    The six feet of distance bs was an arbitrary number made up in an essay contest by a 12 year old girl!

    There was zero science in any of it, just massive amounts of chicanery and scientific fraud. A fifth grader should have been able to grasp that.

  3. They are a joke 🤣. Like monkeypox isn't an STD. Polio is back, measles, and other diseases that have been eliminated.

  4. CDC is a business. The opinion of this company is not trustworthy. They make 5 billion a year off vaccines. They don’t need to reset, they need to be destroyed forever. These idiots shut the world down for a virus that literally had less than 1% lethality. How are those vax working for you now? Nothing but sheep literally paying for a spot in the slaughterhouse. 🐑 with your heads up your ass.

  5. I demand walensky fired immediately she has completely failed the American people she is an embarrassment an no one will listen to her ever again

  6. Phyzer is hand and glove part of the government now. Create a disease..test and treat it. All while taxing us. ( and promoting several others. OnTV)

  7. You know how the CDC can gain our trust?
    Close it’s doors. Fire everyone.
    And prosecute all at fault.
    Pay all funerals for covid deaths and vax injuries with the money they received outside their pay.

  8. Nobody will ever listen to them again. I'm glad I never did and never wore a mask or took the jab.

  9. Trust no man – they have continually lied to the American people. Illegals allowed with no vaccine restrictions.

  10. So they want a do-over promising that they will do better next time. Sorry but you and the vaccine pushers will never be excused in their part in destroying this nation. This November remember the people that lost their jobs, the children that lost their youth and the elderly lost their last chance to say goodbye to their love ones. CDC and Democrats should lower their heads in shame and beg forgiveness.

  11. you can't possibly earn the publics trust whe you're still the election wing of the dimocrat party

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