Changes For ECFMG 2024

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In 2024, the ECFMG will require all applicants for verification to be graduates of accredited schools. What does this mean? What does it mean to international medical graduates?

In this video, we answer those questions.


This video is for information purposes. Please check the sources mentioned for updates. If you are in medical school or are planning to attend, please check with your medical school. USMDPedia is not responsible for the ECMFG process. USMDPedia cannot advise on applications and decisions for medical schools or work in the USA.


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  1. Hi sir
    My college is in the world directory of medical school .. but it's not WFME certified..
    I'm in the last year of medical school
    I will apply for ecfmg in 2023
    Should I take one of the usmle steps before 2024 to not be affected by the ecfmg 2024 decision or applying and having an account before 2024 is enough !

  2. Hello Sir,
    I'm about to start my 2nd year of medical school and my school is in the process of getting accredited in Turkey. If it is not able to get accredited by the time I graduate, would it be logical for me to apply for ECFMG certification (form 186) NOW, and take the exams after 2024?
    And my concern about this is; because the application is valid for 5 years what will happen if it expires before I take step 2/CK?
    I would be really happy to see your response.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Hello sir I have a question. I have applied for form 186 recently few weeks ago. My college is currently accredited By wfme. But by 2024 our PMC(Pakistan nedical council) doesn't get wfme accredition. Will I be able to continue giving my Usmle examinations after 2024 like step 2 and step 3 because I have applied before 2024 under 2023 guidlness where my college is accredited. But if my college doesnt gets accreduted by wfme in 2024 will I still be able to continue my examination process ? As I have already applied for form 186 and have gotten notarized . I emailed ecfmg but I was confused about thr response so I really need son insight upon this …. Will be able to five step 2 and 3 afterr 2024 and continue certification process or not ? Or do I have to receive the certification before 2024 .. Or just applying for form 186 anf notriazition is enough before 2024 ??? Plz respond to me I am very stressed out about this

  4. I graduated from medical school that is not wfme accredited yet. I have done my step 1 and 2, preparing for oet and planning on doing some clinical experience in next few months. Can i not apply for next year match?

  5. Do I need any kind of paper work done by my med school to get ID no and submit form 186 like Dean signature or something??

  6. Do we need to declare our acedemic transcripts or just our prinary medical qualification is needed? 🙏

  7. sir i have if start my med school in the year 2023 and if i get registered for ecfmg in in my 1st year before 2024 will i be able to take exam step1 after 2 years of med school in india.

  8. Hello
    My medical school is accredited by WFME but when I visit the website of accredited universities of the country I'm studying it states that the " accreditation decision does not include undergraduate course of clinical medicine offered to international students" ( I'm from India but I'm studying in China) . For now I'm eligible to apply via pathway 3 but I'm planning on giving my exam by 2026 …do I have any problem with ecfmg certification?
    Will they accept either accredited medical school or program…or both are necessary? Could you clear this please?

  9. If I apply now and get an ECFMG certificate until when can I take the USMLE step 1 or Step 2 CK?
    Because I am planning to take it after 2024

  10. Hi sir , i have few doubts .
    1. Will there be pathway’s after 2024 or will it be just one pathway which only allows candidates from wfme approved schools to apply for ecfmg certification

    2. Since there is clause saying that “there needs to be a clinical skills evaluation and Attestation by your school” for pathways 3 now , i was wondering if clinical skills and Attestation would still be needed when ecfmg goes different from the current pathways in 2024. Kindly do reply if possible and thanks in advance :))

  11. this policy will come under act from january of 2024? suppose my med school is in world directory of medical schools and has ECFMG sponsorship in the the sponsors tab in but the indian agency NMC(national medical council of india) is not accredited by WFME, and i start my college in the end of 2023. will i still be able to apply for usmle? even when NMC is not accredited by WFME? is there a way around it? i cannot afford education from outside my country…… but my end goal is to work in USA.

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