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Do you associate chocolate cake with guilt or celebration? Your answer will have surprising consequences for the success of your diet, says David Robson, author of The Expectation Effect: How Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life.

In BBC Reel’s latest Rethink episode, he explains how our thoughts can powerfully shape our body’s response to food – and how enjoyment and indulgence are essential ingredients of any healthy diet.

Video by Izabela Cardoso & Fernando Teixeira
Animation by Maria Adriana Ventura
Exectutive Producer: Griesham Taan

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  1. Feel free to try to find a way to make bad tasting cardboard like ingredients taste good without adding Fat, Salt, Sugar, Chocolate and Calories to them.

    So far no one has managed to make a cauliflower based pizza taste anything like a real cheese pizza. So far no one has managed to make Tofu taste like hamburger.

    There's a reason why most Vegetarian diet foods are all salt and garlic, to hide the fact they either taste badly or not at all (never mind the texture).

  2. As someone with high metabolism into my late 30s, I have long had a loose theory that our psychology has more power over our physiology than we have yet to understand. I started telling people this at least ten years ago, to whoever might not be offended by it. I’m glad to see research is proving me right… wish I had written about my theory sooner.

  3. This is something I learned the hard way.

    I did a strict vegan low cal diet, and my weight loss plateaued after sometime.
    I now switched to a tasty whole foods with fair (not excessive) amount of healthy animal fat, intermittent fasting, and I am losing weight effectively.

  4. I have just been sick and in diarrhea 4 days and haven't eaten almost anything, just sleeping. I lost some 2-3 kilos. Normally I eat like 3 kilos food in a day and can lose my weight way faster just doing sports

  5. Regarding the chocolate cake test, I'm curious to look at the details of who said what. From my own experience, I have felt both guilt or celebration based on how I felt about my body. When I wasn't as fit, I felt guilt about my body's condition and food that didn't seem to align with my ambition of getting fitter. When I got fitter, I felt different about my body, and saw dessert as a treat that I could enjoy without remorse. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that the people who felt celebration were feeling healthier about their bodies, and perhaps were objectively healthier (by some metric) than participants who felt guilt.

  6. title of the video is very misleading, don't go around telling people they can eat whatever they want without feeling guilt because that is not true. Every nutritionist knows a healthy balanced diet with an OCCASIONAL treat is the right way

  7. If one consumes mass produced well marketed but low nutrient food that people should think of as indulgent, tasty and filling, people wouldn't struggle as much with their weight because say one has a tub of delicious ice cream that they wouldn't be tempted to eat anything for the rest of the day. But this is not the case. Metabolism is very complex, lack of certain nutrients will make you hungry, so guess what when one eats say an omelette with a heap of vegetables they are less likely to crave snacks for hours due to how slowly blood sugar levels will drop due to fibre content, the amount of protein and fat.

  8. That graphics is the middle with all that sound is so disturbing to concentrate and listen to the content 🙁 …

  9. You want to know why “French women don’t get fat”? Well, here is one of the reasons clearly spelt out in this video. Stop inhaling pretend-healthy crap at your desks or while walking or doing something else. Buy actual good food, and take the time to enjoy it.

  10. I don't often comment on what I watch here but I really enjoyed this lots; thanks to everyone who contributed to get this on here!

  11. If you are not losing weight you are eating more than you burn. You must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight.

  12. I think this just means that when we diet or do any of form of mindful eating we’ll need to reframe how we think about it. If we think of it as low calorific diet food then we’ll naturally feel like we haven’t eaten much and will need to eat something else to feel satiated. But if we instead thought of it as a tasty treat (and probably make it a little tasty 😋) and look forward to it – even though it contains the same amount of calories, it might still make us feel more satisfied with the meal. Thus we won’t snack after. It’s actually a good tip for anyone looking to keep their lifestyle sustainable!

  13. Hasn’t the food industry been doing this already for the last 40 years and actively encouraging people to overeat. The addictive properties of processed food is designed to make mincemeat out of any mind over matter principal. The idea of calorie counting is thinking I terms of humans as internal combustion engines. Metabolism is a complex biological process not an energy in energy out concept, that’s one for the car engine manufacturers.

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