Covid-19 Kills One Million in the U.S. Why Were Some Groups Hit Harder?

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More than one million Americans were killed by Covid-19 in just over two years, the CDC reports. But the disease has hit some segments of the U.S. population far more than others. Photo illustration: Todd Johnson

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  1. Until people practice good hygiene and get over their selfishness about mask-wearing, deaths from contagious diseases will continue. I never realized how selfish people were until I saw the refusal to wear masks. A minor inconvenience and so many people would not think of others and only themselves. You know who you are but you don't know how many people you got sick or even caused the deaths of. It is sad.

  2. I’m absolutely weary of the government offering “free” medication or vaccines. Look, I have to pay for acetaminophen or the flu shot…why all of a sudden we are given shots and boosters for “free”?

  3. Heart Disease was and is still the biggest health crisis in the US. That's what we need to tackle, and it will decrease covid deaths in the process.

  4. One who is bereft of love in their heart

    will certainly give insufficient

    affection and love to others,

    for their kind of love is selfish.

  5. Yes I took the risk already and he makes it to my expectations ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 you are really the best of all

  6. Yes I took the risk already and he makes it to my expectations ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 you are really the best of all

  7. 2020's.War, pestilence, economic loss, societal disorder.The glorious 21st century? more like the 2nd Middle Ages. 😒

  8. It's about ten times more mortal than a bad flu. The good news is that immunity is extremely dependent on lifestyle. Fasting is by far the most efficient. Any healthcare professional knows more than a hundred risk factors and sociopsychological risk factors. All the fake news is definitely one of the risk factors.

  9. Most of those that are currently dying are right-wingers who don’t believe in vaccines lol. I’m done with covid, but boosted. If you don’t want the vaccine, it’s on you.

  10. It is unforgivable and irresponsible for the CDC to not include occupational and other population information for COVID-19 Morbidity and Mortality. Suppression of science was a political tool of the Inquisition several hundred years ago.

  11. Mi historia es muy triste como si yo tuviera. La culpa de mi nacionalidad a qui en esta vida nadien tiene el derecho de torturar a nadien sin derechos a nada ni a mí privacidad me quitaron todo el dinero que estaba en todas mis cuentas aparte de que 36 anos me han estado robando el dinero los mantenido toda mi vida y las gracias es destruir mi vida sin derechos a nada el presidente hasta si pone feliz ver qué el fraude me robó todo .y a hora me tienen que castigar no más por qué ellos lo despidieron así aquí en la vida nadien tiene el derecho de torturar a nadien ni quitarle todo sus pertenencias. Se aprovechan esa bola de rataz .quiero justicia y defiendan mis derechos por favor gracias John mex wall street.

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    People have had some positive experiences with it. Also works for Long.

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  13. Propaganda is killing more and more people around the world. You can't pick and choose the truth. Unless your looking for like minded information. Just a couple of years ago the Wal Street Journal was a trusted news source? Then trump.

  14. The first Covid was the worse, but even then a cold would have been worse, the other variants were just irritating, lots of sleeping and low energy. It will be interesting to find out why this virus that did nothing to most people actually contributed to the death of others…a link would be good information.

  15. i got covid my dad gave it to me..'
    he go, out catch it..
    bring it back home..
    that idiot.
    lucky i'm alived..

    i got some doctor called me gave me some meds..

    what i have was..i had all 3 shoots already..

    coughing with mucus..
    fever 101..
    my body were cold..
    my body was shaking few mins none stop..
    running nose..
    lot of mucus..
    stomach ache..
    sore throat..
    stomach pain…
    i vommited few times..

    took me a month almost to be fully covered..
    back to normal.

    i think i got 'omicron'
    it was worse than a flu/ high fever..

  16. Liars. No one is passing
    I've passed once in 2007 and multiple people tried killing me. Dozens of times cuz of my health… I'm begging someone tries again. It won't work. I'll never die. And I love being immortal. I feed off people fear and anger. I'm feaning for someone to try. Life's a bad joke HAHAHAH 🎭🤡😆
    DON'T delete this babe

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