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Heart attack survivor, Cindy Huang, is joined by AMA Chief Academic Officer Sanjay Desai, MD, one of her first responders, along with Comilla Sasson, MD, PhD, from the American Heart Association. Ms. Huang shares details of her CPR rescue, which has inspired efforts to promote the importance of bystander CPR training. Hosted by American Medical Association CXO Todd Unger.

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0:00 AMA Moving Medicine for July 11, 2022
1:22 Walk us through what happened during the race in D.C.
4:04 Can you recall your symptoms or how you felt during the race?
4:48 What went through your mind when you realized what had happened to you?
6:24 How was this different than resuscitation efforts from your emergency room days?
8:12 Patient shares her second chance at life perspective
9:49 How does this compare to the physician experience in emergency departments and hospital ERs?
11:24 What’s the impact of a bystander performing CPR in the event of an emergency?
12:27 How is CPR addressed in medical education?
14:07  How does the AHA approach CPR training?
16:46 How has COVID-19 effected bystander CPR?
17:48 Share resources for CPR training and more information
19:03 Choose responsibility—learning CPR is vital skill for anyone able to preform it
19:51 Bystander CPR saves lives, get training today

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