Demographic Factors in Pedestrian Deaths

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More than 6,000 pedestrians are getting killed every year on U.S. streets and roads, representing an enormous 50 percent increase since the beginning of the 2010s. Instructor Angie Schmitt discusses the problem’s strong demographic component in this video.

This is a chapter from the course The Pedestrian Safety Crisis in the U.S.
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  1. Sidewalks are narrow and when people put their unwanted furniture/appliances on them, it become almost impossible to walk on

  2. Are there sources available for the suggestions made in the beginning of the video as to what causes the big differences among ethnicity/age groups? 'Sort of privilege' is vague, while causality is suggested. Smart Growth America seems rather careful in their conclusions: they merely point out the necessity of policy and (street) design changes. Also they note:

    "To round out this analysis of the most vulnerable populations, we also wanted

    to analyze disparities for people living with different disabilities, but as noted

    on page 14, the data is incredibly incomplete on this count and makes

    conclusions difficult. Better data is urgently needed."

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