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Hello Friends, im going to make a dessert Fruits Jelly Today for Mom like me who wants to eat Healthy sweets sometimes. Sometimes? why sometimes? because i admit that im not in LOw calorie Journey. I like sweets and cakes, brownies and bread. But i do watch my weight,
If you view in my Youtube playlist I have a playlist that low caloires and healthy Dessert. If you have time please view. THanks

Making this:

1. First, prepare 10 gram of gelatine.
2. Add 2~3 tbsp of water to make bloom this gelatine, leave this for a moment
3. Cut your favorite fruits, if you are going yo use kiwi or pineapple, blanch this with hot water, or else your gelatin will not firm.
4. In a bowl, pour 200 ml water add 6Tbsp of 0 Calorie sweet syrup of your choice and 1 Tbsp Lemon, mix,
5. put and design your fruits to a molder
6 microwave the water with lemon and syrup in 600 wat 1 minute or Heat this in pan
7. in another bowl, pour water with ice cubes and let cool down mixture while mixing
8. when cool down pour mixture to the molder
9. put in ref for 1 hour


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  1. Yum! The Kanten Jelly turned out wonderful! And it's firm enough so it won't just flop around, jiggling, as Jell-O would. L12, stay safe, and have a magnificent week.

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