Diet vlog 09 | diet reset routine, a few days of healthy eats & workouts

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Join me as I take a couple days to reset my routine and get back on track.

For almost 2 weeks, I took a break from my routine to focus on my mental health. I was really stressed and busy, ate more calories than usual, and skipped some workouts. So I took the last few days of this week to eat balanced meals as well as some cravings and do all of my workouts.

For next week, I’m preparing a long 7-day vlog with all my workouts and cooking. If you’d like to watch it, don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you for watching~


About me:
My name is May and I post diet vlogs every Sunday to share my weight loss journey. My videos are silent vlogs inspired by the Korean diet vlog style and captioned in English.

I am on a long-term diet that is healthy and sustainable so I can reach my goal weight without yo-yoing or crash dieting.


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0:00 Intro
0:29 Day 61
1:09 Before & After
1:28 Day 61
8:46 Day 62
16:32 Day 63


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  1. After posting the video, I realized there is a problem with the English captions. I am fixing the YouTube captions for all the languages, please wait for it~

  2. I think everyone has their ups and downs when it comes to a healthy diet. I have no problem with sweets, I don't like them. But I like to eat crisps. Especially in the evening when I watch a movie. I decided that it will not be a forbidden product, but I will limit myself to a small package if I feel like it. However, a week has passed since then and I didn't feel like it even once. 😁

    Despite a few "mishaps", I managed to lose weight anyway, I also noticed changes in my figure. I have the same height as you but a lot more to lose weight.

    It is said that the last few kilos are the hardest to lose, and the muscles 💪 weigh theirs too. I hope you will reach your goal in a healthy way soon. 🍀

    Greetings from Poland. 😊

  3. That grass ice jelly dessert at the end was a first for me. I like seeing the differences while dieting in other countries. 🤭 so far I managed to lose 3 kilos with up and downs. There is still a long way to go but the progress is already goal. Have a nice week. Keep fighting. I’m rooting for us. ❤️

  4. bcs we have a nearly same measurement so i'll follow and use your vlog for motivation😉🥰 i hope i can control my cravings and lose weight soon too

  5. I love watching your vlogs! I'm also working out + dieting and it feels a lot less lonely when I'm watching you 🥰

  6. I just love love love everything you stand for! I am really trying to be balanced and sustainable as well so the joy I get when I see others doing the same is great! Thank you for showing us what a realistic diet looks like. You’re an inspiration to me May! thank you ❤️ let’s continue to cheer each other on!

  7. a few days ago I found your video and immediately found a match in our diet so far. I binge watching all your videos. I really like it because everything is realistic. Let's fight together until we reach our goals 💪💪😍

  8. wow… the 3 year change is very obvious! its so refreshing to see you doing it slowly and sustainably. all the other diet vlogs i see keep acting like losing 5kg in 5 days is totally normal if you just watch their video and do the same, its so frustrating 😡so please keep at it, ill be supporting you :)!

  9. i also want to know brands for workout clothes, here we have uniqlo and the quality is good but the variety is not large, so if you find good recommendations (maybe that can be bought online) i hope you can share!

  10. I just wanna say thank you so much, because of you vidio i konsisten diet with fun🥰 i always remember what you say "focus and stay positive mind". Fighting🤗

  11. Thanks for taking my recommendation to record your workouts, it will be very useful for me!

    Regarding workout clothes… I love OYSHO pants, especially their "compressive" Leggings series. I have a big butt (even when I'm skinny) and they are one of the few leggings I've tried that don't let you see underwear no matter what I do (even after gaining weight, I was still able to wear them without see-throughs).

  12. I like seeing the workouts! Maybe if you do longer vlog next week you can show all the workouts, like how many each week total. Thank you 😌☺️

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