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Freaky Eaters is a TLC show that highlights individuals who have unusual diets, very similar to My Strange Addiction. Often this means people who exclusively eat one thing, such as potatoes, cheese, meat, bread, burnt sausage, and many others. There are also episodes depicting a woman who drinks upwards of 30 Coca Cola’s a day, a man who eats raw chicken and meat, or a man who just eats cheeseburgers. I take a look at all of these cases today to discuss two things: what the impact of these diets are on the human body, and what tactics the show’s producers and medical experts use to help these people. As always, let’s lead with empathy in trying to understand where these individuals are coming from and we can all improve our diets to live happier and healthier!

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  1. I don't normally comment on these things, but this doctor is hilarious! After spending 15 years in the medical field, meeting a lot of unpleasant Healthcare workers, i find he has a refreshing new take on how to treat people.

  2. i drink barr cola daily, i know its not good for me and its already rotted some of my teeth, but its all i ever drink, the only times i drink water is when there is no cola left. although when i heard it ruins your teeth and the state of my teeth currently, i figured hey what the hell, its not like my teeth will heal back to how they were before all the chips and cracks,

  3. Watching this, I am so glad my master's degree I'm planning on doing next year includes substance abuse and trauma training. If they have actual degrees, I doubt they had that training-or as updated as mine will be. A lot has been discovered in my life time. People like those in the video make it so much more exciting to me. Helping someone is the best thing in my life.

  4. And I sure thought my dad doing a full 2-liter of soda a day was bad. That's literally ludicrous. Though sometimes I eat way too much pasta in a week (usually a butter and garlic sauce or an aglio e olio (olive oil and garlic)), sometimes I end up eating it 3-4 days in a row once a day.

  5. She does NOT drink 30 cans of cola per day. Because someone who drinks THAT much cola WOULD KNOW NOT TO POUR IT LIKE THAT!!

  6. I love how docter mike/micheal what ever he likes to be called by his views, only judges on the chest compressions, and how they make the tv/how they make it look for like background/ visuals and u good docter mike?-anyway, have a good day/night! And thank u for making your channel funny, and teaching others about stuff!

  7. Diabetes is insulin resistance. You can undo it by changing the diet so that the body is no longer constantly flooded with insulin.

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to highlight that being a certain weight does not always mean you're healthy. I was always stick thin, got thicker when I hit my 20s, and I still struggle with accepting my adult body and guilt around food

  9. I can definitely see someone having an addiction to soda because sugar is addictive. However I want to address the guy with eating beef. I can remember craving beef from a very young age and I have craved beef all my life. I do eat raw or rare beef. I always asked my doctors about it and they would inevitably check iron levels which were always normal and they would have no idea why the cravings. The years went on (in my 50's now) and I continued eating beef. Then 3 years ago I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who also craved beef. I was stunted really. She started tell me about Ehlers Danlo Syndrome. I had every symptom she had. I talked to my doctor about it and I was eventually diagnosed with EDS. I now know why I crave beef. It's common for with EDS to crave beef. I'm not saying that EDS is what the guy has but it might be a clue as to what might be going on. I have learn over the years to pay attention to what my body is telling me and not to give up on finding out what is going on even when others don't believe you.

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