Doctors Sound Alarm As Ignorant Abortion Bans Hurt Medical Care, Cause Undue Suffering

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Dr. Colleen McNicholas, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, talks with Rachel Maddow about how state abortion bans that were not well thought out are hurting women in medical need, forcing them to endure needless suffering. 
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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Stop saying pregnant women. You're adding to the erasure of women. If someone is pregnant, she is a woman. Deal with it. I don't care about "pregnant people." I care about women not being reduced to breeding stock.

  2. Why not tax those were against abortions for each person who‘s pregnant? So they could support to ALL those women who will become mothers and support a life on this planet! And sue them when the pregnancy caused the death of a woman. Perfect!

  3. Conservatives don’t care. There is no end to their hatred and contempt for girls and women. It’s baked into their biblical values.

  4. Remember that YouTube comments don't count as votes.
    This is for people who were eligible to vote, but chose not to in 2016: Hillary Clinton tried to warn you about Trump-appointed judges overturning Roe v Wade.
    This is for people who are eligible to vote this November, but aren’t planning to vote: If you want to keep the rights you value, you need to vote (while you still have the right to vote).

  5. Ignorant abortion bans hurt medical care……. not only is that a radical statement, its also arrogant…..and it's not news….next !!!!!!

  6. "Confucius say: man who think he know more about medicine than doctor get medical degree out of Cracker Jack box."

  7. Can someone explain to me how it is not a HIPPA violation for anyone to even find out an abortion was preformed? No one has a right to see your medical record unless you authorize it.

  8. Sue the politicians. Every single one of them. Start suing them. They only care about money, hurt them where it counts.

  9. The U.S.A is rapidly going to become the shithole country that Drumpf complained about, and it's mostly because of his decisions while in office.

  10. I don't understand how this interference is not a violation of our HIPAA rights. A doctor should not have to justify prescribed care for their patients, be forced to report a procedure under threat of their license or name a patient with that procedure.

  11. My friend haz a baby bc of abortion laws. And i know she loves him now that hes here and stuff but. What if. What if she didnt HAVE to give away the rest of her youth. So. Fcking early

  12. Woman were already giving birth at home due to the medical cost of giving birth , now they'll think I won't get help anyway and go on to their own devices , how many suicides are gonna rise from pregnant woman? How many families are gonna watch their loved ones suffer , how many mother will right out their final will as soon as they find out their pregnant, how many woman that can't afford to travel face their own fate . How many will choose between a few groceries and forego prenatal care , how many will go to prison for the baby they wanted to die in the womb ?

  13. My daughter had two ectopic pregnancies last year… I didn't have to worry about the doctors letting her die… I knew they would give her the treatment to end the pregnancy and make sure she was going to be ok… I was able to concentrate on what was important…giving her moral support. This is so scary. I pray my daughter doesn't have to go through this again because then it will be a nightmare. This is so evil and ridiculous!

  14. Roe vs wade is a republican wedge issue. The true is this is about women's rights. The Government has no right to force a woman to give birth.

  15. They say Save the Children but won't feed them in schools to die of starvation. It's all political and killing the poor to make pple suffer. Women's rights are being ran by men who should shutup and sit down. Their opinions don't count at all!

  16. The Supreme Court of H3ll along with these politicians should be required to sit in the hospital rooms with these patients as soon as the situation arises UNTIL the very end. They should have to watch these women become ill and struggle through the trauma. Their mothers, SO, sisters, daughters, sons should have to watch too…I don't care how young they are. These [email protected] need to see the damage they are causing.

  17. Republicans have no problem making women and girls suffer and die because of republicans extremely unrealistic views on abortion Shame on them

  18. I'm sorry but if I were a doctor I would do what is best for the health of my patient in respect of their wishes even if I broke the law. Any doctor should be willing to do that. You have an obligation to defy unjust laws.

  19. Wake up america! Denying necessary health care costs nothing for the insurance companies and our government but the cost of burying the woman's body is Left To the Family

  20. The decision was made by men who have never been or can't get pregnant and are medically unqualified. USA how did this happen ?!😳 🤔
    That decision should be made by qualified Medical officers in case of ectopic pregnancy, rapture uterus dead fetus over 8 weeks and other life threatening conditions not ignorant men and less educated women in that field

  21. Im sure this is a complete lie. States make exceptions for the health of the mother. Probobly more lib lies to push their barbaric agenda.

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