Dr. Fauci On Stepping Down And The Health Threat Of Toxic Politics

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to President Biden …


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  1. With all this man had to endure over the last few years we have been lucky to have him this long. Enjoy your next chapter Dr Fauci you’ve earned it.

  2. From funding a gain-of-function chimera virus and lying about it, to pushing the ghastly mask and the 💉bioweapon, to shoveling Remdesivir☠️ into patients, it is truly possible that Little Lord Fauci may go down in history as a greater butcher than Genghis Khan.

  3. Americans are Earth's worst pandemic denier so monkey pox will surely be America's next Fox TV target for stupid conspiracies.

    Covid deaths: USA 1,066,082 – UK 187,018 – Canada 43,505 – Australia 13,365 – China 5,226 – New Zealand 2,609 = 814,359.

    Covid originated at Fort Detrick, Maryland and Spanish flu in Haskell County, Kansas but Americans continue to blame China.

    Americans need to stop living in a bubble. There is only so much sympathy the rest of world has for idiots !

  4. Something is off in this interview. Context is missing. This week the CDC is saying they blew it the past 2.5 years; and must revamp themselves. Dr. Deborah Birx isays transparency was missig. She's written a book. Pysicians resigned on the FDA authorization review board process for child vaccines. Pfizer wanted to hide trial data from the public for 70 years. Data was not transparent. Vaccine inuries have been minimized. Data was statitically slow coming in and analytically lacking. Horrible. Experienced, respected physicians were silenced and censored. Skilled dotors and nurses were fired and now we have desperate shortages. There was much that was not admirable under Fauci's leadership. Lies and cover ups eroded trust. Yet acording to Rachel, Fauci's critics are violent. Tacky.

  5. Thank you so much Dr. Fauci for your years of service to the people of this nation and the world.
    I truly can say you did your best 👍

  6. The real reason he's leaving is because if trump get in next election , fauci and all the people who spread mis information will be tied into a military investigation on domestic terrorism. I'm not siding with anyone , I'm simply stating what is going to happen.

  7. Anthony Fauci belongs in jail. This man killed millions of people due to gain of function research, lied about it, lied about wearing a mask, he's a career politician, and four-decade of lies and deceit he has to cover up. We need hearing for this parasite and he's only a hero of the left because he went against President Trump when he failed his job.

  8. Maximum respect Doc. Thank you for helping us live healthy and safe lives all while being ruthless berated by nutjobs. Enjoy your retirement.

  9. Screw him and the rest of the cultural engineers of this 'great reset' socialist conditioning program

  10. More people are on track to die from Biden's border/drug crisis than the Chinese Covid virus. Biden is a domestic terrorist. He will be treated as such.

  11. I have and continue to stand by you, Dr. Fauci. As a former RN, I can attest to the validity of experts, like yourself working in infections disease! Dunning Krueger is the epidemic in the U.S.

  12. He is an AMERICAN HERO…..Even though the virus was very tenacious, he at least TRIED, to offer hope to us. We of course, are too stupid to heed advice. Especially when science is involved.
    And now, Polio?

  13. Check out all the sheeple and their bots kneeling to their hero faucci, while wearing their little masks in their cars and homes

  14. Such a shame that he became so unfairly maligned by the wacko right! So glad he kept his chin up and moved forward and has done a great service!

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