Dr. Iga Mori: Dean of the Islands' Medical Men

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In the 1990s, the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaiʻi (JCCH) received a donation of fifteen medical notebooks and personal diaries belonging to Dr. Iga Mori — a notable community leader and the first Superintendent of the Japanese Charity Hospital, now Kuakini Health System. The collection of journals offers a window into the day-to-day lives of the first-generation Japanese, or Issei, living in Hawaiʻi during the pre-war period.

Dr. Iga Mori was a pioneering Issei who dedicated his life to advancing Hawaiʻi’s medical establishment while bridging Japanese and American culture through his community leadership.

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  1. Excellent video JCCH folks! I really appreciated using the JCCH Resource Collection of Dr. Mori when I was working on a paper about his role with the Japanese language collection that was at the public library here before the war. I was also pleased to see a UHM LIS student as part of the digitization team. Keep up the great work. Nice interviews, narration, and it was great to see the movie clips as well. Those were new to me. Aloha!

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