E.14 Phosphorus Tips For Kidney Health: How To Limit Phosphorus In Your Diet!

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In this episode, we continue our discussion on phosphorous. We focus on the efficacy of the different phosphorous binders. We also dive into the role of whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes in the CKD diet. Lastly, we explain what is FGF-23 and why you should be aware of it.

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
0:00 Introduction
0:54 How do you increase your protein and lower your phosphorous at the same time
4:50 How do the different phosphorous binders compare to each other. Which one is the best?
16:01 Where do legumes, nuts, seeds fall in a CKD diet especially when it comes to phosphorous?
20:33 What is FGF23 and how does it play a role in CKD?

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Sean Hashmi, MD, MS, FASN

Michele Crosmer, RD CSR


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  1. Your information on phosphorus is priceless. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to share this life saving advice.

  2. So does that mean if someone has a high serum phosphorus that they should stop vitamin D supplementation until those values go down? My vitamin D levels are within mid normal range, but I was supplementing with Vitamin D anyway, but now my phosphorus is elevated, so should I stop supplementation?

  3. I found your channel as a result of a link on a CKD pain management topic. I look forward to watching them this weekend. Normally, I would watch the videos first, but I saw that you were taking questions for future episodes and wanted to ge mine in.

    I am wondering if any of your videos address oxalate. My levels over the past 2 years have gone up and down like a yo-yo and I am again at stage 3. This time along with limiting protein, I have to limit phosphates and oxalate. I am hoping that you will, if you have not already done so, address trying to accomplish such a change in eating habits. It is confusing especially since those last 2 are often not listed and there is such a diversity of numbers based on how the item is prepared (canned, fresh, frozen, with or without skins, boiled or baked, etc.) so it's difficult to create comprehensive lists for shopping

    I suffer from chronic migraines starting 32 years ago, which has it's own requirements, and bilateral neuropathy, which has it's own pain levels, and arthritis in my knees. It definitely limits pain medications. Have you or will you address dealing with pain with CKD?

  4. You 2 are really awesome! I have learned so much from watching you. Thank you for sharing your very useful knowledge and answering the questions that you do that pertain to CKD patients.

  5. That would be great for you two to create a list of high phosphorus foods. Also a few daily menus, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make it simple please. Thank you both for doing this podcast.

  6. Thanks to both of you. I just wanted to know direct relationship between serum calcium and phosphorus. Earlier my calcium level was below 8 and phosphorus level also below the range but of late calcium has reached 8.8 but no change in phosphorus level. Any advice or comment.

  7. sorry i am not english so i cant really catch up the lady talking very fast but i learn a lot from you sir. i have freind on dialysis and i am learning and searching how to help him so he copuld live and not die. thank you for your apesode. please next time if you could give an example of food to eat in a day to balance the right intake to have the correct amount of the body need a day. thank you. God bless you both

  8. I don't believe it before because I'm just in stage 1 to stage 2 CKD I consume 10 cups of instant coffee a day loaded with "creamer" and that itching starts. I go to black coffee instead, and that itching stops. whew!

  9. I just looked up the flaxseeds phosphorus amount on the Cronometer app, and it is crazy high. Compared to hempseeds.

  10. Since you were talking about protein as well in this video…
    When I was first diagnosed last year I went on a pescatarian diet, because fish is supposed to be good for kidneys.
    But what happened was it gave me Proteinuria.

    So I did a strictly vegan diet throughout the whole summer and finished up in July. After my bloodwork I could see that my protein was/is still high on fruits and vegetables 🥕🥦????? What the heck?
    Apparently my a body is absorbing all of the protein in everything that I eat… even plants 🪴. SMH 🤦‍♀️ What is going on?

    I know my kidneys are not flushing out the protein, but how do I get this-ISH out of my body?

  11. I am now on plant based foods drinks since jan 2022.
    So my urine albumin creatinine frm 51 be normal range below 30.
    Nd better blood draws coming in 2 wks improving.
    Stopped statins eating beans/seeds as options.

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