Factors of Tom Brady’s decision to play or retire in 2022 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Tom Brady is in “no rush” to make a decision about returning to the Buccaneers next season, but Mike Florio and Chris Simms dissect how this is the first time the QB has showed hesitation and what that means. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #TomBrady
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Factors of Tom Brady’s decision to play or retire in 2022 | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


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  1. This guy is an idiot who thinks people can't change their minds, especially a person on the Greatest level you can ever reach, of the greatest sport ever made.

  2. That's the whole thing about podcasts, it's not an interview where you have 5 minutes to get things out of them and to get your sound bits. Podcasts are about conversations

  3. The guy is 44 years old! Hello! yes, he's the GOAT. yes, he's still playing great. But maybe just maybe he woke up and decided that it's a wrap on his career… that he's had enough. that he wants to do something else. There doesn't have to be some life changing event for him to arrive at this conclusion. I think it would be perfectly understandable for him to walk away now.

  4. There has been a sweeping purge over the last couple years of human trafficking and related nefarious activities. All kinds of "celebrities" have been apprehended and brought to justice in different ways. There are strong rumors TB is caught up in this – or rather, it has caught up with him. America will be SHOCKED when the fullness of this comes to light.

  5. I think most of us who are “shocked” aren’t shocked about TB12 retiring. It’s the realization that come fall of 2022, probably the greatest QB the NFL will ever see, won’t be taking the field ever again.. I’m not a pats or a bucs fan. I just appreciate greatness. Growing up as a kid & being a 25 year old adult today watching the same man play at a high level is ridiculous. Yall are gonna miss him when he’s gone.

  6. Florio is a hater. Twitter or youtube all he does is talk like a lawyer and be a prude. Just retire bro simms is ready to take over

  7. As a falcons fan I pray Brady retires takes all those players they signed with him and The Bucs Go back to the crappy team they were before Brady arrived.

  8. Freedom of speech, Mike. They can said what they want and in their own terms. Medias like you guys always get exaggerated.

  9. I think everyone forgets that Tom Brady likely watched the Bills v Chiefs game and realized that if he returns that winning against the competition just got that much harder. He is probably saying to himself, I can’t score that fast any longer and I have nothing more to prove. I say he retires come late March.

  10. How many times does Chris look up and down during a segment? 1000s? What’s so important in front of him? 😝

  11. TB is still one of the top five QB's in the league and his team very much will be a contender for the super bowl next year if he stays with them. On top of that he absolutely loves the game. Why in the world would he walk away?

  12. Florio doesnt like Brady and Rodgers being able to have friendly interviews….The guy most definitely voted for Biden lol.

  13. Just imagine… Gabbert was the QB of the Bucs before Brady. 7-9 last record. IF Brady leaves… Bucs become a disaster team once again. All bandwagon fans skip town. Lol, cant wait.

  14. Don’t be surprised if Brady goes to another team too. Maybe Bucs will want to start rebuilding and just let Brady go where he wants

  15. i think tom should retire now . have some time with the most important people in his life , his family . keeping going will only put fuel on the likes of idiot max kellerman . go out now on top . with dignity .

  16. Mike’s opening rant on podcasts was cute. Sorry man, hearing athletes speak for extended periods on their own terms is much more interesting than hearing you and other sports journalists ramble on and on. Who do you think you are making fun of athletes podcasts as you facilitate a podcast discussion lol?

  17. I'll say this… I'm Tom's age+1 and in 'decent' shape. I don't drink or smoke, eat well. I never could imagine being fit enough to do what that dude does, but I can understand it even less at this age. And some things sort of fall off of a cliff physically. It's never gonna be easier to have his body in shape to take the NFL beating. It must take SO much effort to get there.

  18. It's over. Lay your wagers here. I'll be happy to clean out your wallets. Tom has had to grow up for quite a while. Same with his lil' buddy, the comic TE. At some point if you don't respond to something in life besides throwing footballs, life will just pass you by. You don't have a family and expect them watch you get killed on the field every week and think that that is fair to them.

  19. Lets be honest, if there's about a dozen Bucs out there, who put it on hold this season, but are wanting to be paid now; Brady will know about it.

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