Fantastic Stem Cells and Where to Find Them with Shiri Gur-Cohen

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What if we could trick stem cells into thinking they were young again? What would the impact be on human health and aging? Shiri Gur-Cohen, Ph.D., shares her work. [10/2022] [Show ID: 38216]

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  1. GOD Is beuatiful he created a human like you to research and educate the world about his un matched creations.

  2. All of this and people still deny the creator He is more than due our respect our worship and praise how wonderful and marvelously made.

  3. Rather than ageing backwards could this be used in neurological and psychiatric disorders where patients go thorough a lot of suffering over the course of their lives without any hope. Could this be used to treat cancer where so many peoples lives are cut short at a very young age. Hair loss is not such a big deal is it?

  4. another lecture said 80 percent of diseases after age 25 yrs old are driven by stem cell disfunction… can anyone comment further on that

  5. Dear Shiri, Please get your thyroid levels checked! And thank you for this brilliant presentation. I learned a lot!

  6. Most interesting and so well presented that a hal educated health nut can almost understand. My Alsation went wack terribly at age 6 because of the "best" dog food. Coat became very scruffy and snout grey. I seduced her into eating Broccoli and her coat recovered totally. At 11 years now, if you dont see the grey snout, you would think she is 3/4 years old. She is still very playul as well. High Vitamin E and L-Arginine can ( to my mind)
    almost certainly regrow fine artiries on the hart. Organic sea sal in good water seems to keep the skin more subtle and flatulence (methane) causes dark patches on the skin. ??

  7. How would you feel if you were tricked into thinking that you were the smartest person in the world and you were not?

  8. I am impressed by your use of 3D imaging technology to demonstrate the intimate nature of stem cells and lymphatic vessels. Can it be used to show changes after, say, red light therapy or LLLT?

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