Gas Prices Inch Closer To Record Highs Ahead Of Busy Summer Travel

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Experts say gas prices could soon pass the record average from March, making the busy summer travel season ahead an expensive one. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports for TODAY.

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  1. Thanks sleepy joe , still waiting on the build back better to start . But atleast we don’t have those mean tweets .

  2. Scheming theiving snake oil Rockefeller
    An his empires and swindler JP Morgan and his swindling corporations and empires
    Their greed and criminal activities never end
    The trilateral commission is Rockefeller company
    With the elites.
    An the elites

  3. Killing people is the president of the United United States President wanted to pass a bill so you can get gas card onto battle sorry the Republicans voted against that he passed the bill he wanted all these different countries wanted to bring milk to your baby's here in the United States for your babies oh so if you got anybody to blame blame the people that want $50,000 cars got to see yours in the pocket doing a big bust big mansions this is what you get when you vote for the Republican sorry folks

  4. Inflation to 15% and gas to $10 per gallon.
    Unfortunate that Biden and AOC progressives attacked our energy independence last year and killed Keystone pipeline; that gas and oil sure would come in real handy right now!!!


  6. the freight is not paying more.. trucking companies are absorbing the extra costs of diesel..

    so i dont understand why are using the cost of fuel to rise the price of goods…

    the middle man is bagging all that cash…

    just do an investigation of how much per mile are paying in comparison of last year.. and you will scratch your head..

    I know. just log into a load board.. loads are paying less that last year.

    some one has made their mind to break all the small owner operators companies..

  7. You amies have it good. Converted to gallons, it's about $8.15 in Germany; $7.68 the U.K.; $9.23 Norway, for example. Quit griping.

  8. Biden is in the chair / but he ask what are the Republicans proposing or doing – Biden is the President TODAY – he has yet to take charge of anything – he only points fingers and has no solutions – he is lost…
    There it is again, your Racist – MAGA, – Deplorable's / MAGA King Trump – Remember this VOTE the Dem's out this Fall and Biden out the door in 2024…
    Remember – Biden blowing smoke sheep – He is in charge, its his job, the buck stops with Joe, not Trump, not Texas, not Putin, not the war – its Joe Biden that is sitting in the chair and working on 2nd year…what has he done but crash everything he has touched….day one he went to war with the Oil, Gas and Coal industry, he said he was going to "work it out" meaning Fossil Fuels – and day one, cost for Energy started up and up and up….
    SHEEP – Don't let Biden's smoke screen blind you – abortion topic is important but what about – Inflation, Food Cost, Gas cost per gallon Highest in US History – Interest Rates skyrocketing / Food Supply Shortages / Electric Shortages coming / Crime rate Highest in US History, criminals running the streets, US Citizens are not safe as Criminals have more rights than Citizens thanks to Joe Biden / Border wide open, Illegal Immigration flooding the US Population during a World Wide Pandemic – putting US Citizens at risk, exposure / Stockmarket crashing worst since 1942 / War, International Relations at all time low / President that can't even speak correctly or lead, weak leadership around the world – we are the USA / World Super Power and Biden is hiding in the basement.
    Biden – what is the Short Term / Long Term Plan…
    Short Term – should be – We are going to Open Up 100% our Drilling and Oil, Gas, Coal production in the USA / start up Keystone Pile Line, add additional pipelines and encourage expansion of Gas production to meet current demands..We are going to start this year on building Nuclear Power Generation..this day one would impact Oil per Barrel Cost on the world market just by messaging…
    Long Term – 10-20-30 year plan – we are going to continue to develop and produce EV Automotive / support "ALL" US manufactures with credits to help move future purchases to EV (Support all Union and NON-Union Companies) not just the UAW…
    Long Term – we are going to support Energy Companies to update, add Transmission Lines, Transformers, Stations, Supply and Storage Capabilities.
    Long Term – we are going to encourage and work with Builders to add Solar and Solar Storage to all new Construction Homes and Businesses.
    Long Term – we are going to continue to expand Wind / Solar and develop power storage capability to help supply "constant" power supply to the grid..
    Put an actual plan together Biden.

  9. I think we need another stimulus check. Covid cases are increasing and we haven't got a stimulus check in quite a while.

  10. So here’s the thing, some of us know what tough times are, and we lived through it, we sacrificed, we persevered, we survived, we weathered the storm, and so this generation of people have been apathetic to some degree about the role they play in this society, and now they’re waking up to a challenge/reality that they hadn’t expected to face, and every new generation will have their challenges too, and so this generation must decide what’s important to them, because if you think inflation is bad now, continue to elect people to Congress, the presidency, and elsewhere and allow them to erode your rights, because once you’re rights are taken away or diminished/eliminated, you won’t have much choice left, and as we all should know, violence begets violence, so just deciding you wanna be violent isn’t going to improve your life, and it’s not going to help your family, so people need to face the reality that there’s only one party trying to help working folk continue to be employed, and have an opportunity to be productive and a future worth living, and so what that you do not agree with them on every issue, because the last 4 years we lived with the most corrupt, and vicious political regime we’ve ever witnessed in the history of this country operate the government at the federal level of this country, and it has given rise to all of these extremist people we now see on the Supreme Court, as well as in the states who have still refused to accept that there was no widespread voter fraud in the last election that would’ve change the outcome of that election, and the fact that the institution, and its officials actually did their job on January 6th, is a testament to the character of those officials, and I’m talking about across-the-board, as it’s not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing, it is simply the right thing, and the vice president of the United States Mike Pence, being not of my party, and I’m not a fan of his, but I certainly give him props for doing his job on January 6th, as well as all the other senators who stood up on that day for democracy, and for the country, they all did the right thing, and so if you think your vote doesn’t matter, think again, as only one party is talking about governing in a bipartisan way my friends, and whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican or something else, you better understand one thing, that there is one party that said, January 6 was nothing more than a tourist event, so let that settle in, and if you think that voting doesn’t matter, you should really reevaluate exactly what your values are, and exactly what kind of future do you want for your kids, and grandchildren.

    So Voltaire said, “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” so I say, know the facts, seek the truth and vote your conscious, and urge your family friends and neighbors to do the same, as there’s only one race worthy of saving, and that is the human race, as there will always be those among us who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. Cheers!🥂

  11. We are so lucky to have Joe Biden keeping gas prices so low.. lol 😆 Thanks for inflation Biden and the idiots that voted for him..

  12. Poopkin cook up War scheme for skyrocketed oil corporations profits
    They are all cashing in on the fraud an I'll gotten gain's
    The Kings of theives from the North, East, West, South

  13. I vote that everyone who voted democrat back in 2020 be stuck with these gas prices while the rest of America who didn't get 2 dollars a gallon gas.

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