Gov. Abbott highlights need to focus on mental health after Uvalde shooting | KVUE

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Despite lawmakers talking about their dedication to mental health, surveys consistently show that Texas is one of the worst states for access to resources.


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  1. no state fought harder than Texas to end the affordable care act…the ACA includes mental health insurance…what con men these evangelical white nationalist texas politicians are…degenerates.

  2. It seems like there are more and more questions about the "official story" of how things transpired at the Uvalde school. I won't pretend to know more than I've seen and read, but I do have a question: Surely, an ambitious, hypocritical governor like Greg Abbott wouldn't try to spin the facts to look less compromising for the action of the law enforcement under his direct and indirect management, would he…?

  3. Mr. Abbott ..por fa vor..this is a mental health issue ..this needs a specialists a psychologist to analolize this issue… people are having some serious issues….sad 😭😭 all around…I'm really tired of seeing dead dead dead. Continues continues..I'm afraid 😟😳 I'm freaking out about all this ☠️💀….death…this was mental

  4. Anyone who has been in the looney bin with schizophrenic, bipolar and depressed people knows that the danger they pose is to themselves. These murderers are not classily mentally ill. They are twisted, yes, but know exactly what they’re doing. This is more distraction from the Abbots, Cruz and company. I’m no lefty or righty, just clearing up this nonsense.

  5. What people need to be focused on is why are we are paying 👮 hundred thousand dollar salaries to write seatbelt tickets instead of actually preventing crime or protecting citizens…????

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