Health care lead issue for Ont. voters: Nanos poll

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An exclusive Nanos poll for CTV News and CP24 indicates health care is the leading issue for voters, with inflation coming second.

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  1. So sick of these weak healthcare workers we don’t need more of you we need less soft Canadians abusing the commy system every time they stub a toe

  2. Ford will win again. This election season isn’t as intense as when Wynne was in power and Del Duca and Andrea Horvath aren’t really that exciting. Plus, Ford government didn’t do so bad during the pandemic. Minor hiccups like anywhere else, but at least it wasn’t anything like Kenney’s Alberta.

  3. The vulnerable elderly and disabled must be protected from the wealthy Con capitalists who profit off their LTC.

  4. Everyone who works in the public sector shouldn't have a wage increase at this present time there should be wage freezes we cannot afford anymore expenses at this present time….Our economy is so fragile right now.

  5. none of the politicians care about healthcare. if they did they would have kept cancer surgery as essential as opposed to nhl players access to rapid tests

  6. pick your favourite bodily fluid

    that's what this vote feels like

  7. What health care? Billions spent and you cant even see a doctor in person anymore without going to the emergency room

  8. What health care? Billions spent and you cant even see a doctor in person anymore without going to the emergency room

  9. Give me a break. Gas prices, grocery prices and housing shortages are the top issues for me. I won’t be voting Liberal, PC or NDP because none of them get it. It’s time to hold mass protests about these issues. It’s time to mobilize.

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