Health-care staffing shortage reaching critical levels in Canada | COVID-19

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Dr. Christopher Labos discusses the staffing shortage causing issues throughout the health-care system ahead of another expected wave of COVID-19.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. ICU didn't even exist in the 50s. Now nobody accepts death from natural causes. Even at age 90. It's so high tech now. We have created a system that is simply unsustainable.

  2. Given their recent medical "best practices" aren't evidence based maybe the system needs to be purged of the ideologically possessed anyway?


  4. Maybe if the qualifications were lower because it’s to hard for the general populace to be a nurse yet they don’t even do much 😂😂😂😂

  5. The Government Is Pumping Billions of Taxpayers Money into Hospitals But The CEOs of the Hospitals are Keeping it and making Hard/Difficult For health Care Worker to Access /Get that money So They Leaving the Job !!! ask The CEO of any Hospital Who Make millions per Year if they want to Work in Emergency Department or any Department

  6. This is why socialized health care sucks . Politics has caused this. Everything the government manages is a Disaster

  7. Remember to thank the liberal/ndp coalition of corruption for the mandates, it’s for our health and safety!

  8. The Liberals fired all the non vaxxed staff and now they're saying there's a shortage. What a bunch of geniuses we have running our country. The emergency rooms aren't closing because of covid they're closing because of incompetence.

  9. অনেক খজা খুজির পরে চেনেল টা পাইলাম, বন্ধু করলাম ভাই।

  10. অনেক খজা খুজির পরে চেনেল টা পাইলাম, বন্ধু করলাম ভাই।

  11. Maybe you should rehire your unjabbed nurses you know the intelligent ones who neither took or gave the toxic spike

  12. how is covid even still around, i mean with all these boosters pumping in everybody's veins we should iterally feel no effects from it

  13. This shortage is totally the governments doing. And they could totally fix it, but they won't lift the mandates on Healthcare workers. Purely criminal.

  14. the unvaccinated healthcare workers should open a hospital that only provides health care to unvaccinated patients. seems fair 🤷‍♂️.
    Ill take the critical thinking experienced professional over a bunch of grad students 🤔

  15. politicians get access to funding in order to solve problems.
    want more funding?
    create bigger problems 🤷‍♂️

  16. Pierre Poilievre says he will fix hospital staff shortages by busting open provincial gatekeepers and closed-shop medical unions that are preventing foreign medical professionals from working in Canada. I recall an Ontario minister of health was determined to do just this some 35 or 40 years ago but ran into unassailable walls. Poilievre's strategy however is to withhold provincial transfer payments to any province that does not cooperate in tearing down such barriers. Perhaps he can succeed where the provincial health minister failed. Some time ago I had neighbours who were both bright young medical doctors from the former Yugoslavia and were willing to practice medicine anywhere in Canada but they were shut out and ended up as maintenance cleaners. This was in spite of the fact their medical education was from a European university that had been teaching medicine for more than 500 years versus Canadian universities for at the most 150 years. This ugly nonsense has to stop.

  17. Interestingly the hospitals are more packed with strange illnesses compared to the last two years. The waiting rooms weren't packed back then like now and that was after you canned most of the healthcare staff. 🤔

  18. lol… they act like this is something caused by the pandemic. The HC system has been poorly funded and staff treated like trash by the guv for a long time.

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