Health-care workers warn Ont. hospital system is collapsing

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Dr. Andrew Boozary of the University Health Network says Ontario is ‘past warning signs’ and is worried about the system’s future.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Bring back healthy unvaccinated healthcare professionals. If they are not positive and not contagious, they are not a risk to patients

  2. The fact that you still have to provide care to patients that abuse nurses and without repercussion is a farce.

  3. Some how you managed to forget what just forced hundreds if not thousands out of their jobs.. Can you say mandate? Or is that not allowed under Justin Trudeau's news segment??

  4. Remember when some doctors said they would rather work harder than with an unvaccinated worker. How's that going?

  5. You would think with the amount of money they have pumped into the system the last 2 years this wouldn't be an issue.

  6. Everything governments touch turns to crap and governments touch everything.
    I'm sure that continuing to except 400+ thousands mostly illiterate immigrants in every year will help relieve the strain on the broken healthcare system.

  7. It’s because of bad management on the government part not because of Covid.the hospitals have had trouble for years from underfunding from the government.since trudeau been in power he gives money to every country but doesn’t help Canadians.trudeau the dictator

  8. Idiocracy!!!! Make changes to 14h shifts , make normal 8 hour shifts so healthcare workers have life !!

  9. Hire the unvaxxed healthcare professionals back get over it.

    Also kick the current government out ASAP what a mockery!!!

  10. Force all workers to get something that will jeopardize their health to stay on. Some take it and end up with jeopardized health and end up not being able to work, some leave because they don’t want to take it. Then wonder why you have staffing issues….

  11. A government system run by over paid, top heavy bureaucrats filled with bloat and inefficiency is collapsing? Who would have ever seen such a thing?

  12. lets stop pretending you goofs fired a ton of nurses who wouldnt accept your illegal vaccscheme mandates, and now you wonder why theres a shortage.

  13. Where’s a ticktock dancing video or a narcissistic nurse who’s having a bad day about her patient dying

  14. You have nurses leaving the province and country being given jobs at other hospitals because you refuse to let them work but ok let's pretend that isn't happening 😒

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