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Healthy Diet

Taking food is essential for every living being on the earth to live. Human being takes diet, plants absorbs nutrients, animal takes food according to their nature. Human lives on diet but hazardous diets create diseases and threats for human health. Therefore knowing about healthy diet is one of the first priorities for human being.

Today in this episode of Meet the Expert of the Developing Bangladesh YouTube Channel Dr. Sunil Sable, Doctor of Medicine, Pune, Maharashtra, India is advising us on Healthy Diet. He answered following questions in this interview:
1) What is food? What is Healthy Diet?
2) Why the Talk on Healthy Diet
3) What is the incidence of obesity and diabetes?
4) Why these diseases are increasing?
5) Which is the best Diet
6) Which food one should avoid?
7) How much/how many time one should eat
8) What is intermittent fasting?
9) Is Fat Bad for health?
10) Is wheat bad for health?
11) Is Milk Bad for health?
11) What types of fruits are safe and healthy?

Dr. Sunil emphasized upon taking natural & homemade foods not industrial or processed foods. He emphasized upon taking vegetables, grains, nuts, natural fibers, and fresh seasonal fruits. He advised to take meal within 8-10 hours three times in every 24 hours. There should have a break of at least 14-16 hours between two meals in every 24 hours.

He advised to ensure intermittent fasting everyday or at least two times in a week. He said fat, carbohydrates etc is healthy if it’s collected from nature. But whenever it come to industrial processing these are becoming unhealthy. Dr. Sunil advised to eat like your grandparents or ancestors. He emphasized upon avoiding all sorts of processed and ready to cook foods and long time preserved fruit. Healthy foods are locally produced, fresh, without industrial processing and homemade.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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