Healthy Eating Habits for Students Torq Calls #67.3

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Students working hard at their academics often don’t pay attention to their health. Most students miss paying attention to their diet. They should know that it plays a pivotal role in their health and their chances of succeeding. This explains the Why and How.
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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. bhai ak baat batao mereko,aap jo bol rahe ho oo sahi hai,maan raha huin….but meine to 10 saal se a sab kachra hi khaya hai…ab body ko detox kaise kare???

  2. Even though i am studying 12 to 15 hr but still i used to play daily football or if not possible at least do some pushups and squads

  3. @torq4712 please make a detailed video related to diet, nutrition and what one should include in there diet being a student such that we won't be facing health related issues later on in your mid 30's or 40's and even later.

  4. I'm 23 yr old but ,,maine burger pichle baar koi 3 saal Pehle khaaya tha ya ,main koi bhi garbage Khaana nahi khaata hoon ,kabhi kabhi mahine me 1-2 ,baar ho gaya ,,..,,,but phir bhi mere Baal white hoo rahe hai kyoon ???

  5. Guys i have failed in gate exam .
    Though i had solved all pyq etc ..but i couldn't qualify …i m seeing a lot of my frnds switching there career …but i don't want to leave physics … although i m feeling demotivate today but its not end of world .
    I need suggestion how to keep myself calm and composed at the moment and regain my self confidence which has decreased exponentially this time.

    Also should i also review my career choice or not.?

  6. Was just about give up on my healthy diet…then ur video showed up..tqu.❤️ .u r a true YouTube companion..❤️

  7. Thanks bhaiya for giving such a precious knowledge bhagwan aapko duniya ki har khushi de aur aap wo sab achieve kar pao Jo aap chahte ho

  8. Sir i did automobile engineering in 2020, then i prepare for gate to job or admission into PSU or IIT, right now i got 421 score in GATE ME 2020
    what to do after GATE 400-500 score for specifically automobile engineering not mechanical engineering. I am aiming for PSU. How to get the job in psu because almost psu said i am "not eligible" to get job in psu even if you got GATE AIR below 200
    Pls make a video sir

  9. here is what my diet looks like . every morning i either eat a banana or an appleas breakfast. then i eat home cooked meal like roti and spinach bhaji / patato bhaji etc. with a bowl of rice and daal . also some salad. so ashish what i wanted to ask is is the oil that my mom uses in her bhajis harmful for me. my mom's meals are not that oil but it has sufficient amount of oil. lemme know what you think.

  10. Agreed , people nowadays are not at all health conscious , they are very weak , If we compare today's people with the people from past we are not even close to them in any means . Healthy lifestyle is always needed and I can proudly say that I'm following a good healthy lifestyle.

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