Healthy Food, Healthy People | Local Food at the Adirondack Medical Center

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Carl Bowen, Director of Food and Nutrition Services at the Adirondack Medical Center has been working hard to focus the hospital’s food offerings around locally sourced ingredients since 2014. Today, an outstanding 40% of food purchased by the Adirondack Medical Center is from local farmers.

The Adirondack Medical Center is a cornerstone institution in the community of Saranac Lake, and it is one of the largest health care facilities and employers in the region. Their commitment to supporting local farmers and serving local food has far-reaching economic, environmental, health, and social benefits.

Sara Burke of Atlas Hoofed It Farm and Ashlee Kleinhammer of North Country Creamery share how wholesale customers like the Adirondack Medical Center are important to their farms, the local economy, environment, and communities.

Want to learn more about how you can help the hospitals, schools, and businesses in your community serve more local food?

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