Healthy Post Delivery Diet in India | Post Delivery Diet for Mother in India

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What is the healthy post delivery diet in India? What is a post delivery diet for mother with a newborn baby? Also discover Mulakushyam – the best post delivery recipe from South India

Typical post delivery food recipes in our home consists of Mulakushyam – which is different from the Molagootal. Discover how to make the Molagootal in this link below…

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00:00 Start
01:14 Importance of a Post Delivery Diet
01:50 Post Delivery Diet for Breastfeeding – General Guidelines
03:43 Difference between Molagootal and Mulakushyam
04:28 How to make Mulakushyam
07:50 Why is a Traditional Indian Post Delivery Diet worth a look?
08:37 Post Delivery Diet of Palakkad Iyer Community

Traditional homes in India lay a lot of emphasis on a specific post delivery diet for mother. The Indian post delivery diet is highly nuanced as you will discover in this video

This video also has an indicative post delivery diet plan and a post delivery diet chart the way I have understood from elders in my home.

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  1. Thank you so much for you recipes and natural remedies mam they really work awesome. Please also make a video about PCOS/PCOD pain instant remedy mam…

  2. My mother gave methi leaves with lots of garlic , lemon and pepper rasam , boiled rajma as a snack.
    She had kept a lady for bathing me and my son. I use to wear a scarf and cover my head lekzhiyam also she made.
    I had high BP during my pregnancy and after so it had become a concern for them bcause of my pregnancy wieght(90 above)
    As its important to not only take care after delivery but during your preganany. We should hv small meals every 2hrs, cut oil intake , drink coconut water and so on…
    Eventually by Gods grace i had a normal delivery .
    My mom really took good care of me so did my father…thanks to them🙏. By the time i came back home( hyderabad) i had reduced to 60kg .Thanks to my parents 🙏
    Thanks for sharing this receipe i can share with people Akka
    Bless you🙏❤

  3. Mulakooshyam i like Sujatha ji
    Thanks for posting this new recipe.
    it will be useful for everyone
    Best wishes .
    Waiting For next video.
    Sanjeev :

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