Higher Education: What It Takes To Be A Cannabis Sommelier

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The marijuana business is booming, but not all cannabis is created equal. NBC’s Savanah Sellers meets budding experts to learn what it takes to be a certified ganjier.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Great video apart from the children doing work experience as hosts
    Maybe don't have unexperienced children host your news slots in future

  2. This sounds like a trip for us to take! We are participating in the High Times Cannabis Cup judge kits. We would appreciate this 2 day program.


    I got out my pipe stuffed it with pot

    You better believe it held a whole lot.

    I whipped out a lighter thumbed up a flame

    Sucked down that smoke which comforts my brain.

    I tried alcohol smoked cigarettes

    They did nothing but give me regrets.

    My mom had arthritis could not walk around

    I rolled her a joint she danced on the ground.

    I thought I was losing my lovemaking knack

    After I smoked some to me it came back.

    Soon I decided prices were high

    I searched for some ground I wouldn't have to buy.

    I bargained for seeds from smokers all around

    Got in my truck and drove out of town.

    I walked through the woods where wild birds nest

    Found me the meadow I thought was the best.

    I dug up the ground sowed all my seeds

    Said a small prayer for strong, healthy weeds.

    I watered at night with a five-gallon pail

    Mosquitoes went hungry for I wore a veil.

    Seven months went by; I thought I would die

    Till the Halloween moon was high in the sky.

    At night I went out, in a camouflage suit

    Used my corn knife to chop down the loot.

    I hung it up to dry where it couldn’t be found.

    Came back and got it, when it had turned brown.

    I trimmed off the buds, stuffed them in bags

    Called all my friends and passed out free drags.

    In less than a week my crop was gone

    I flew to St. Thomas with a love hungry blonde!!

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart

    Google = Most Published Poet

    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!

    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

    Google = Pot Farmer Poem

  4. Great that you did the article but your pundants finished with classic stereotypical nonsense. This is the type of behavior and giggle speech we're trying to overcome with programs like this.

  5. It is a shame it took this long for legalization. Big Pharma Suppressed the rise of cannabis because of health benefits.

  6. "The only dead bodies from marijuana are in the prisons and at the hands of the police. This is ridiculous." ~ Jack Herer

  7. A "sommelier" is a trained individual with some fair reputation. Although i never thought of relying on one before "légaleezation" just show me those who actually were cannabis sommeliers previously… In any case i've got my doubts about who such guy would have been working for anyway.

  8. Some People out there are more scared of weed than alcohol…. 💀 alcohol can't be used as a medicine while cannabis is and its one of the best medicine in nature.

  9. Most important, you gotta be on the News without having a clue what you are talking about…(3:56) "I do wanna clarify…I did not go completely on the job, so I was not doing the Test in Person, etcetayada,yada,yada." But she knows something 😉

  10. Seems like another overpriced "experience " like a $20K Sniper Class 🤔. I'll stick with Dr Bruce n his non BS scientific approach to maximizing cultivars.

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