How Amazon Plans To Reinvent Healthcare

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As Amazon expands its reach further into the healthcare industry, they have now made the huge acquisition of One Medical in a deal valued at almost $4 billion. Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson, and Jessica Burbank discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“Amazon will acquire the primary care organization One Medical in a deal valued roughly at $3.9 billion, marking another expansion for the retailer into health care services.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant said Thursday it is buying One Medical for $18 per share cash. Its one of Amazon’s biggest acquisitions, following its $13.7 billion deal to buy Whole Foods in 2017 and its $8.5 billion purchase of Hollywood studio MGM, which closed earlier this year.

One Medical, whose parent company is the San-Francisco based 1Life Healthcare, Inc., is a membership-based service that offers virtual care as well as in-person visits. It also works with more than 8,000 companies to provide its health benefits to employees.”


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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. The middle man that Amazon will cut out is the doctor. They will be using their health experts that are fresh out of high school.

  2. I did online vet for my dog and they misdiagnosed. Online care is not a perfect tool. You need a real doctor who knows you personally and that history and knowledge helps to enhance a once in a while online visit.

  3. We do not need their healthcare in Czech Republic, as well as many other nations. I pay about about six percent of my gross salary as a health tax, and I am fully covered with no deductibles and no copays. If I spend three weeks in the hospital in intensive care and then get weeks of therapy, I will pay nothing beyond my modest monthly health tax.

  4. I love Kaiser! Checked in for a hand injury sent me up to the third floor for an X-ray and by the time I got back downstairs my dr already had my results. I didn’t have to go to my dr, get a referral for an X-ray somewhere else and then go see my dr. Everything is under 1 roof.

  5. It is a smart play. I support this. Amazon, Apple, Google should use the data they collect to tailor healthcare to the specific needs of specific people.

  6. Eww.. I was all ears until you said Kaiser Permanente.

    They are a good example of what's wrong with insurance companies… a very serious entitlement complex… eg they deserve ample profits at the expense of their customers.

  7. sooooooo

    step1 obtain all personal data.
    step2 insert monitoring devices in personal homes.
    step3 ransom gov't by sole sourcing data.

    current step:
    step4 buy healthcare.

    step5 buy insurance provider
    step6 own people and literally blackmail people using the personal data
    "oh you need heart meds? well shows here you ordered 40pizzas last week, your fee will be XYZ$"

  8. I am Canadian. I have never had to wait more than 24 hours to see my family doctor, and if I call in the morning, I can see him that day.

  9. I will forever be indebted to you 😇you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt when i was very sick with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Elizabeth Messer

  10. And then all Amazon employees will be offered One Medical coverage only, so they'll be able to recapture even more of the employees paycheck.

  11. Amazon already has part if not all of my medical records. I use Amazon Pharmacy for their "Pill Pack". They send me all my meds once a month. They take my insurance, MediCal, Medicare. I got very tired of the BS from Rite Aid & Walgreens. Amazon has the delivery person knock on my door and hand deliver my meds. Im disabled; you don't know how convenent that is.

  12. Amazon is totally gonna harvest that medical data for their next scheme. I can't wait to see what new controversies Amazon will find themselves in.

  13. its amazing how little americans care about their people and health, most other developed modern countries have socialized health care and basically don't bow down only to the almighty dollar

  14. I've always noticed Amazon would just copy other companies that were successful at the moment. They would do a subpar job, but would do it cheaper and eventually edge out smaller competitors that focused on quality. Look at their Amazon Prime streaming app, pretty poor design and implementation imo… content isn't that great. Even their main website is pretty fugly.

  15. Stop working hard at your job. If your coworker works an extra 10 hours a week, put their mouse in a glass of water or pour water on their keyboard or steal their chair and hide it. Stop buying things you don’t need. Open a business, even as as a side gig, if you can (and not on an AP!!). It has come time to starve it before it eats us all.

  16. Whats the next step? "Safe Driver" style discounts where Amazon require you to wear a fit-bit style device which syncs with your Alexa for real-time telemetry… and so they can send you ( and bill you for ) medicines before you know you need them.

  17. Yep, I had to wait 2.5 months for an endocrinologist appointment. My sister in Australia has to wait 2 months. No difference.

  18. I think the health care system definitely needs to be revamped and pharma needs to be put on a leash, however, I don't think the richest most entitled person on the planet besides Elon should be the one to bring that to us. All hes going to do is get our information (like stated in the video) and use it to make more money. I find it ironic that the person that works their employees like dogs to the point of needing healthcare is the one that says he wants to provide it! So what are these employees going to have to do to earn the healthcare he drives them to need?? He already works them to death in c*** conditions as it is!

  19. I wouldn't trust Amazon with healthcare. They threatened to sue/fire workers who wanted to seek safety from a tornado.
    Also, they'll lock you from your account, then have their collectors sue you for not paying. Yea, that shit happened to me and their rep not once but twice in court gave false contact info. The judge was "sick" on the 4th day and the stand in judge had that shocked face but in the note for that day, it said a payment choice had to be made that day.
    I don't trust Amazon. Never will.
    They copy others and aren't original for anything except more wasteful with packaging than Ups and FedEx, and are more likely to hire folks who will end up stealing your shipments, especially cell phones and try to dump the empty boxes along a road side woods.

  20. Is Amazon going to use the same methods and apply it to health care? Does this mean orderlies and nurses can look forward to working long shifts and having to piss in bottles?

  21. Even more agrovating is every one in the world who has a prime account will be paying for it too but not receiving it 🤢

  22. There should be no competion with health care only one price, the cheapest and its part of the national income tax. In the Uk we call it the NHS, if you got money for private you can go private, its your choice not one choice. I have a feeling America has a problem with people having a choice. Not sure why though 🤔

  23. My husband needs eye surgery for the 2nd time this year, he talked to the specialist today and his check up appointment is October 13

  24. So their "reinvention" is virtual visits, a trend a lot of physicians are already doing because it lets then see more patients with less actual work. Of course, Face Time with a doctor is not as much of an advantage for the patient since it means no hands-on evaluation and care and all for the same cost of a co-payment or deductible, but such is the new normal in our growing virtual world.

  25. Imagine that. You can order a new kidney on line and they will deliver it to your door along with the surgical team necessary to do the transplant!

  26. BREAKING: “46-year-old bodybuilder at the prime of his life found dead in his sleep after posting new video night before on YouTube channel called “Chivalry is DEAD!” …
    Ahhh, 👀 what? What da FAQ is happening, folks? What? What did they put in these vaccines, brah? Brah. OMFG!

  27. A private company with a single goal of making money, will never be a solution to a problem that doesn't involve making profit… some things are just not meant to be profitable, like free healthcare that exist pretty in every wealthier country other the than US…

  28. This sounds like the beginning of making access to actual face to face medical care more difficult for working class people.

  29. Customer focus approach for health care. Kind of opposite what insurance does. They take your money then don't pay the medical bills you get. How is that customer focused? I'd call that a con just like Trump tries to do asking for money. They get your money and spend it elsewhere instead of on you.

  30. I'm not American, but I thought I had some understanding of the American health care system. But this shows how screwed up health care is in the US.

  31. As a citizen of Scotland, the US medical system just seems bat shit crazy to me. Our system is far from perfect but, at least we don't live in fear of going bankrupt after a visit to the hospital and someone can call an ambulance for me without the concern that it'll cost me thousands of pounds.

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