How Can America Do Better During Healthcare Disasters? | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

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Jon talks to Pulitzer prize-winning author and physician Sheri Fink, whose book about Hurricane Katrina is the basis for the new Apple TV+ series “Five Days at Memorial.” They explore why we are often so ill-equipped to respond to health disasters like COVID and how we can repair our healthcare system to do better.

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  1. Probably hear what I did working 70 hours a week. Shut up and do ur job as manager took a vacation

  2. Ur right i worked in mental health but not the same wonder why we have a nurse and teacher shortage

  3. I work in healthcare. I have a niece who works as a nurse during the pandemic who worked in Florida, but moved away due to the antivaxx and anti-health worker sentiment. We have huge student loans (we get demonized for getting that forgiven), we get demonized for providing reproductive healthcare for women seeking it, and we get demonized for suggesting to wear masks and get a vaccine during a pandemic yet we have to provide services for the same idiots who catch it. We have more people leaving and less people entering the fields simply because it is not worth the work or effort or heartache. You want more people to work in healthcare then you must provide incentives to work in it (aka more money doesn't solve everything but it helps)! It is more lucrative to become a lawyer than it is to become a doctor, nurse, PA, pharmacist, respiratory therapist, etc.

  4. As a retired psychologist, I can also state that there is a shortage of PhD Clinical Psychologists. It is so critical now that several states are now licensing MA-level psychologists as limited duty psychologists. A PhD program is 6-7 years after your BA/BS, with an additional 2 years post-doc to build hours for licensure. It is not unusual for ne PhD grads coming out $300K-$350K in debt.

  5. As a nurse on a COVID floor, it’s like putting your hand out to help and someone slaps it away. Eventually, you stop offering your hand. I had patients who would call me a government conspirator, families who would yell at me over hour phone calls because I wasn’t in the patient’s room enough, management that gave us BIPAP patients without as much as a 15 minute training on the machine, and some quit because management wouldn’t approve a few days off when they had been working for months straight because we were ‘short staffed.’ There are days I want to go work at McDonalds.

  6. The most obvious soil to invest in is your own health so you aren’t in need of the health system. Promote that!

  7. 'Oh my god! How do we do it?' Pfff! The Problem with John Stewart is that, deep down, he's a just shitlib. Fixing healthcare is gonna a few people making alot less money. That's all. No John, it's not Facebook's fault.

  8. Right now America is an example of what not to do in healthcare which is why all other leading countries fund healthcare for their country – some cover during unemployment

  9. Wow… How is this the first time I heard that half of all deaths (In the U.S.) were people with disabilities? Who handles the statistics. Or decides what to release?

  10. I'm sorry I disagree with the premise that the anti-vax movement was not politically driven.

    I'm sure if you did a study on the topic you would find a strong correlation between these antivax protesters and right wing political ideology. The right wing did elect a Obama birther after all.

    The right wing has turned the term conservative into a brand that has a dogmatic following, and the trust is so high and the indoctrination so strong that they don't bother to fact check they take everything wholesale as true because they feel they're so tightly knit into that community.

    They're going to be highly religious as well, so they've been pre-trained into this group think mentality and automatically fall into a pattern that they recognize. They're the same people protesting abortion clinics, first they came for the abortion doctors…

  11. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that hiring five extra nurses isn't as sexy as getting that new shiny mri machine (or whatever is considered sexy in the medical field)

  12. Hospital systems everywhere are under great stress. To my knowledge only the US has its hospitals laying off staff because of revenue shortfalls due to the reduction in elective surgeries. Despite the ongoing Covid workload, staff, including medical staff, are being let go (not for profits included)in order to maintain hospital finances. That is not an indication of a health service that is fit for purpose.

  13. 6:05 People lost trust because the conservative media blasted nonstop misinformation, hypocrisy, and hate. There were definitely some changes in the advice given by the medical establishment over time, but if big media had decided to try to assuage fears and remind people that, yes, we're learning as we go to some degree, it wouldn't be like this. People lost trust because they were told they had been lied to, they were told the doctors were just greedy, they were told conservative media were the only trustworthy source for information, and they believed it. People lost trust and people died so that Fox, NewsMax, and OAN could make money off the fear, the mistrust, and the death.


  15. One thing that has become an increasingly large issue is that the public (and by that I basically mean anyone without a science degree) do not understand what the scientific process is or how it works. This is something that should be part of basic high-school science class. Additionally, the way science is reported for the most part, by scientifically-illiterate journalists, really doesn't help either.

  16. It will always break my mind that unvaccinated people go to hospital when they need medical treatment… This is after trashing the same professionals that could be treating them. Once they realize they need help beyond Facebook posts they are the most entitled patients in the world. I thought you guys did your own research? Stay home a practice your own treatments.

  17. Was there a line of hospital workers that walked up to those protesters and told them that they were the reason they were not coming to work tomorrow? And that the lives that that worker would have helped save would not be helped because of the hateful Right.

    Teachers should do the same. Go to these board meetings and let them know that their child will not have public teachers due to there hatred and bigotry, because thanks to republicans, jobs that help others are now just as likely to get you a prison sentence as a pay check if you say the wrong thing or help fix the wrong ailment.

  18. 4:20 I remember when delivery guys were considered hero for just a brief second in history. I know it was all just b******. So people can shut the f***** and stop complain about the work situation

    Hero have a choice.

  19. Teachers went through the same “heroes” to villains in like a course of 2 months. Society is a bit of a mess

  20. The only reason patients and employees are treated like crap is that our entire system is based on profit. Until that changes, everyone will earn the bare minimum, receive the bare minimum care, action plans will focus entirely on the most profitable rollout of the most profitable solutions, etc etc.. You ask this woman, "what's the most important thing to address first to triage our system," and she gives the most basic tunnel vision answer imaginable, about ensuring that healthcare workers earn more, seemingly oblivious to the route causes of such problems. You lobbed that question, and even gave her the answer within it, yet BLEH. We are all idiots.

  21. My goodness. Maybe look at some studies folks! There are so many experts calling out all the fraud😕 its not about science – its about propaganda & lies & money. We lost trust because we were not only lied too and fear-mongered – we were then vilified for asking for facts or listening to experts who didn’t happen to be in the “in” crowd that sold out. When people & speech are censored and then made targets JUST BECAUSE they challenge the narrative – what would you expect? Jon – those are the same type of people that said hey – the debris at the Twin Towers is gonna make everyone sick…

  22. Ive been watching Jon fight since 2001. In this age of human testing, there is no care or well being to fix. Its a free for all Jon. Your mind, your health, your wealth, and your kids. You dont fix whats profitable.

  23. Oh Jon….Who determines who's crazy on Facebook? I personally think Anthony "I am the science" Fauci is a criminal and should be investigated. Do you remove me? Do you consider me crazy? I am confident that if you actually stop and do some investigating, and consider the facts, you'll come to the same conclusion as I did…. only you won't because you've been indoctrinated as to his saint hood…..and all statements to the contrary must be Qanon….and surely someone with power would stop him if it was true you think….but they don't, so the rest of us could be labelled crazy for questioning power. BTW, before you go there, I am not some right-wing nutjob….but a real leftie. Unlike yourself. The role of a journalist, heck even a comedian, is to Question power!!!!!! You and your pal Colbert seem to have forgotten that, if you ever got it. Look at the fear the media had around the lab leak. Your jokes normalized it. Why does your wit and intelligence only take you so far?

  24. Hello, Big fan, Mr Stewart. Thank you for fighting for veterans, firefighters, and the American people. Thank you for simplifying the news by taking the time to go through the arguments for dumb dumbs like me.

    I don’t understand “the problem” here. Is it a lack of empathy for the people just doing their jobs? That doesn’t seem healthcare specific. Also, why no pushback on any of here points or some kind of acknowledgment to the frustrations/limitations people (not healthcare workers) faced?

  25. Even here in Canada during the Pandemic the Conservatives in Ontario for no reasonable explanation did nothing to help nurses and Hospitals while they kept saying they were listening to Health Experts. Then they lower the bar to be a Nurse to "Have more Nurses" when what we needed wasn't more untrained or barely trained people we needed more experienced nurses to be WILLING TO STAY.
    All frontline workers need to be paid appropriately and not doing so results in only Catastrophe, I still can't fathom how there are people in the US blind to the reality in front of them but it brings me great Shame as a Canadian that those mindsets also exist here.

  26. This is bullshit. Her answer should be Hospitals can't just make up whatever prices they want and keep the prices private. Its different all over the US and its insane. That should not be.

  27. The attitude of the members of the burgeoning Administrative and Clerical segment of hospitals, constantly demanding more and more administrative and clerical work of the Doctors is terribly corrosive of Doctors pride and self respect. "Medical Doctors are Field Hands" was one retiring Anesthesiologist's summary. Meanwhile, an ever enlarging slice of the salary pie is eaten up by this ever expanding Administrative class, which on one level HAS to know that they are doing what David Graeber called the Bullshit job of Taskmaster, supervising people who need no supervision.

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